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Weekend getaway on Independence day?

Tranquility Amidst Apple Orchards

Celebrate Independence Weekend in natural habitat to help you unwind and relax

By IANSlife Features

August 13, 2020 (IANSlife) The fact that we are now free to move outside our homes after months in lockdown, is the sweetest feeling of independence since our teen years. 

With domestic travel being the new normal, this Independence Day weekend, get your buddies together for some fun in rains. Airbnb has curated a collection of some amazing properties that you can drive down to. Whether your buddy lives in your city or even just down the street, Airbnb has got you covered. 

From planning the perfect weekend getaway with the entourage, a romantic break or some family time, there's something for everybody. Check out this list of properties that are perfect for your road trip. Don’t forget to refer to government travel advisories before packing your bags!



If you're in Mumbai Try Cocktails And Boardgames By The Poolside 


EL Lodge, Lonavala 
Driving distance from Mumbai : 83 km (Approx. 2 hours)

A trip with your best buddies could mean the craziest, fun filled getaway from the monotony of daily life. You can book an entire villa located in the enchanting hills of Lonavala with the scenic views of the valley. Whether it is a pool party with al fresco dining, or chilling in the cabana while sipping on mocktails, this property has it all. So, kick back and relax at this luxurious home, perfect for spending the weekend with your friends. Don’t forget to pack your board games!


If you're in Delhi or Chandigarh choose Tranquility Amidst Apple Orchards


Meena Bagh Ratnari, Shimla
Driving distance from Delhi : 270 km (Approx. 5.5 hours)

Snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate and admire the scenery of Himachal. This beautiful farm stay is ideal being eco-friendly, quiet and luxury in serenity. With no disturbances from the outside world, you and your partner can spend some great time together while basking in the sun during the day and tracing constellations in the beautiful night sky. No better way to celebrate Indian independence than indulging in what mother nature has to offer.


If you're in Bangalore climb up A Treehouse  




Forest valley Tree House, Coorg
Driving distance from Bangalore : 270 km (Approx. 5.5 hours)

Take a break from the traffic and noise of the city and spend some quality time with the family in this treehouse hidden amidst the coffee plantations in Coorg. This unique cottage is 32ft above the ground level and has been completely built with Red Cedar Wood. With a stream flowing close by, you can dip in your feet and to relax or can go on long walks to enjoy the clean fresh air. Turn off your phones and alarms, sit by the bonfire and sing along to some old songs at this treehouse in Coorg. It truly reflects on Incredible India. 


If you're in Chennai Soak in Some Vitamin Sea




Villa Al'Mar, Puducherry     
Driving distance from Chennai – 150 km (Approx. 3 hours)

If you want your first trip away from home after the lockdown to be exciting and filled with adventure, what better than Serenity beach in Pondicherry. This beautiful Airbnb is located on right on the beach and is perfect for your first getaway with your friends. Sit back with a bottle of beer and watch the sun set in this former French Colony. With good music and a group of friends, you are sure to make spend some unforgettable evenings at this villa. 




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