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A solo traveller’s guide to festive travel


Book comfortable, luxurious stays with unique experiences

By IANSlife

November 12, 2023 (IANSlife) Don’t want to celebrate the festive season the usual way? Add the perfect twist  to your travel checklist by visiting these four places in India that offer a unique blend of cultural immersion and festive vibrancy for solo travellers seeking spiritual rejuvenation and adventure. To make the most of your time, book comfortable, luxurious stays with unique experiences crafted exclusively through CRED escapes-       


 Situated in the southern part of India, close to Bengaluru, The Mysore Palace is embellished with hundreds of lamps, earthen diyas and lights at dusk and the sight is truly magnificent. Besides this, several pandals are set up across the city, where you can enjoy music, dance, cultural activities, and other fun-filled things. Check out Sandesh Palace, a luxury hotel, located at the centre of the city or the Fortune JP Palace that offers the old-world charm of Mysore to stay at.



Goa has always been in the limelight for parties but did you know Goa celebrates Narak Chaturdashi, where humongous effigies of the demon king Narakasura, composed of papers, straws, grass, crackers, etc are taken around in vehicles, are taunted, and burnt, eventually signifying the win of good over evil. The entire celebration is a spectacle and one of its kind.


While Udaipur is a magical city at all times during the year, it is at Diwali, when you see the royal town in its full glory. Udaipur hosts a unique event titled Udaipur Light Festival (previously Udaipur Lantern festival) where post 10 pm, thousands of lanterns are lit and released into the open sky to signify the festival of lights, but in a responsible and eco-friendly way.

Do check out Shiv Nivas or the Fateh Niwas, which are heritage stays situated right in the heart of Udaipur. Book through CRED escapes to get exciting and unique member benefits on your booking.



If you wish for a quieter and more spiritual getaway from the chaos and pollution of the cities, then you must try Dharamshala. Home to His Holiness, Dalai Lama the 14th, this hill station, situated  in the Kangra valley is the perfect spot to park your bags at. Spend a few days practising self-reflection, introspecting, and truly reconnecting with your roots amidst the serene valley.





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