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Plan a trip with your father to revisit old memories

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Kochi's tranquility appears to be soothing, as it is increasingly being recognised as an art destination for its vibrant cultural colours


June 18, 2022 (IANSlife) Father's Day celebrates the incredible efforts that fathers make to raise us into the people we are today. Spending quality time with your father and participating in fun activities are great ways to celebrate your relationship with him, especially in our fast-paced world. And what better way to celebrate than by reminiscing about happy childhood memories?

On Father's Day plan a trip together with your father so that in the coming months, you can partake in activities which relive some memorable moments or create new ones! From hiking in Kasol to taking a photo walk in Varanasi, here are some places listed by to visit and strengthen your bond.

Kasol for Hiking

Kasol, in Himachal Pradesh, between Bhuntar and Manikaran, offers breathtaking views of forested mountains. Hiking enthusiasts have recommended the destination on There are several adventure activities in Kasol that one can do with their father, such as trekking to Chalal, a peaceful village at 7800 feet above sea level that is ideal for nature lovers. You can also trek to Tosh, which is 22 kilometres from Kasol. To get to Tosh, take a cab to Barshaini and then trek for 4-5 kilometres. Visitors can also visit the 'HILL TOP CAFE,' which offers a breathtaking view of the peak. Hiking is best done during the summer months of May to August, as hiking in the winter can be difficult.

Kodaikanal for Cycling

Many of us learn to cycle from our fathers, and cycling through the lanes of Kodaikanal is a great way to remember and cherish those memories. Because of its scenic beauty, Kodaikanal, a hill station in Tamil Nadu's Dindigul district, is also known as "The Princess of Hill Stations." Travelers on recommend the destination for cycling, and it will not disappoint as you cycle through the lush greenery surrounding Kodai Lake. Cycling in the early morning is incredibly satisfying as you pedal through the pleasant air that brushes against your skin. You can enjoy breathtaking views of hills, forests, and waterfalls in Kodaikanal with your father.

Kochi for Art

Kochi's tranquility appears to be soothing, as it is increasingly being recognised as an art destination for its vibrant cultural colours. Kochi hosts India's most prestigious art festival, the 'Kochi-Muziris Biennale.' There are several art galleries to add to your list if your father shares your passion for art. Among them are the Kashi Art Gallery, Vancasso Art Gallery in Mattancherry's ancient Jewish Quarter, and Pepper House, one of Kochi's hidden jewels rooted in colonial history. The Chaithanya Art Gallery, which has embraced both traditional and modern Indian art trends, is also worth a visit. Travelers on have recommended the destination for art.

Varanasi for Photography

Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, located on the banks of the Ganga, is a photographer's dream. The ghats and alleys provide an ideal setting for some stunning photography, especially portraiture. It has a diverse natural landscape across the river as well as cultural significance, allowing one to capture the city's various moods. Varanasi is an amazing maze of streets filled with interesting people and objects to photograph. Among the most popular photographic subjects is 'The Ganga Aarti.' If you and your father are interested in photography, you can go on a photo walk to capture some amazing photos of Varanasi - the destination that travellers on recommend for photography.

Malvan for Water Sports

Malvan, a coastal town in Maharashtra, is an ideal place to try water sports, especially in the summer. Malvan is the place to be if you or your father enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush of being in the water. Water sports enthusiasts recommend the destination on Some of the activities available while at the destination include banana rides, jet ski rides, bumper rides, kayaking, water scooter rides, and parasailing. You can also try Scuba Diving in Tarkarli or Deobaug to make your trip with your father memorable.




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