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A photo-journey through 'diverse Asia'

Bali, Source: Ajit Rana

Ajit Rana takes you across Asia in a series of pictures that give you just the taste of travel you've been craving for

By Siddhi Jain

August 11, 2020 (IANSlife) A kaleidoscopic journey across Bali, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam captures the diverse landscapes,​ ​textures and people of Asia​. The exhibit is live in an online exhibition titled 'Diverse Asia' and is available on view ​till August 23.


​The pictures are captured by ​Ajit Rana​, who swears by two philosophies in life - ​taking the road less travelled and following your heart​. H​is photography​ ​is driven by ​a ​passion for​ ​nature, food, human emotions and different cultures. The present exhibition is an example of Ajit’s travels over the last couple of years in Asia, which offers a rich palette of choices making each country a unique experience.​ 


Bagan, Source: Ajit Rana


From the tropical luxuriance of Myanmar to the sparse landscapes of the high plateau of Central Asia, from the modern skyscrapers of Hong Kong to​ ​Hanoi’s narrow frontage buildings, one is faced with shifts of shape, colour and people. 


Equally unique is Bali, with its extraordinaryoutpouring of Hindu heritage temples and sculptures, studded within a largely Muslim Indonesia.​ ​The diversity lives in Asia’s landscapes, cities, natural habitat and most of all it’s people. Each culture has an ancient history and traditions that stem​ ​from an authentic heritage. 


​The exhibition on the India Internatiomal Centre website ​aims to give a flavour of the diversity of the region, without any pretences. As per the photographer, ​no single exhibit collection can do justice to even one of the country’s richness, let alone what is arguably the world’s most varied​ ​continent.


Hong Kong, Source; Ajit Rana

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