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A novel luxury boutique resort brand launches this year

UdaiSagar Lake

Espire Hospitality Group to launch ZANA

By IANSlife

April 29, 2022 (IANSlife) With a consistent increase in demand for luxury hotels and experiential getaways in recent years, Espire Hospitality Group will add a luxury boutique resort brand, 'ZANA,' to India's hospitality landscape. The brand will bring a bounty of freshness and exclusivity to the holiday experiences.

Zana suggests a rare 'purple lily,' and the brand's first outpost will be a 30-room lakeside resort on the undiscovered UdaiSagar Lake in the romantic city of Udaipur.

'ZANA Udaipur' will be a one-of-a-kind resort with awe-inspiring experiences and nourishing cuisine to complement its breathtaking natural setting. With only 30 lakefront guestrooms, the resort will be a true fusion of old world charm and highly personalised and distinctive Victorian service concepts. It will be a short distance from the airport and close to the city's main attractions.

"Our domestic travel market is buoyant, so we are meaningfully expanding in India," said Akhil Arora, Chief Operating Officer, Espire Hospitality Group, in making this important announcement. We are all set for the significant launch of our novel brand 'ZANA,' which will be one of only a few players in the Indian market offering intimate experiential luxury. Every detail at ZANA will be so unique that it will elevate an otherwise ordinary leisure stay into a lifestyle experience. We are creating unique destinations where every visual is serene and every experience is classic."

Adding, "We hope that by launching ZANA, we will be able to create destinations where couples, families, and friends can connect and strengthen their bonds. Because our brand name refers to a rare 'purple lily,' our resorts will be appealing to those seeking to escape the mundane and discover the 'new.' Our guests will have many stories to tell and reasons to return after every ZANA experience." Espire Hospitality Group's Head of Marketing & Communications, Ankita Dawar, added.




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