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New Zealand’s 7 blue wonders

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Discover nearby walks, take a scenic flight, or go at night for a spectacular stargazing experience

By IANSlife

June 15, 2022 (IANSlife) Everyone is aware of the world's seven natural wonders. They are spectacular, remarkable, and unforgettable. But did you know that New Zealand has its own blue wonders that will captivate your senses?

New Zealand is a visual seeker's treasure chest waiting to be opened, with its breathtakingly beautiful sights. These dazzling blue attractions, ranging from azure lakes to turquoise pools, must be seen to be believed. 

Poor Knights Islands


Beneath the waves at the Poor Knights Islands, you'll find subtropical fish that can't be seen anywhere else in New Zealand. Diving and snorkelling are the best ways to enjoy this underwater world, located 30 kilometres from Whangarei in Northland & Bay of Islands region.

Te Waikoropupu Springs


Be amazed by some of the clearest water ever measured at Te Waikoropupū Springs, in Takaka, the largest freshwater springs in the Southern Hemisphere. Also known as Pupu Springs, local Māori see it as a taonga (treasure) and wāhi tapu, a place held in high cultural and spiritual regard.

The Blue Spring

Stroll and admire the pure water of The Blue Spring in the Waikato-Hamilton region, so clean it supplies around 70 per cent of New Zealand’s bottled water. The Te Waihou Walkway winds through wetlands, across rolling pastures and past small waterfalls to the turquoise water of the spring, one of the purest water sources in the world.

Glowworm caves


An ancient subterranean world in the heart of New Zealand’s central North Island, the Waitomo Cave system is a series of fascinating and dramatic natural wonders. Take a boat ride to observe the glowing wonders up close or get your adrenaline pumping with Black Water Rafting.

Blue Pools


Take a short and easy walk through mature beech trees and over a swing bridge to discover the awe-inspiring Blue Pools. The deep, clear glacial pools of the Makarora River can be found in Mount Aspiring National Park.

Lake Pukaki


Lake Pukaki, a shimmering blue jewel set against a backdrop of Aoraki/Mt Cook, gets its distinctive deep blue tones from finely-ground minerals carried in the glacier-fed waters. Discover nearby walks, take a scenic flight, or go at night for a spectacular stargazing experience.

Huka Falls


One of New Zealand's most popular natural attractions, Huka Falls is just 10 minutes from Lake Taupo. Watch as the mighty Waikato River, which measures about 100 metres wide, is squeezed through a narrow gorge and down a 20 metre drop. You can feel the thundering Falls up close on a jet boat ride or marvel from a safe distance on one of the many viewing platforms.




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