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Here’s how to make your international travel hassle-free

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Your essential checklist before you board an international flight

By IANSlife Features

January 4, 2020 (IANSlife) Travelling to a foreign land can be exciting, and with some careful planning, you can make your travels safe and rewarding. Here’s our two cents. 

Inputs from Sumita Tulsiani, co-founder and director of TravelDilSe, an AI-powered virtual travel specialist that curates worldwide holiday experiences.

Validity of passport
 One should always check the expiration date on the passport before your travel. Several countries will deny travellers entry if the passport expires in less than six months.

Travel insurance a must
 The cost of getting medical treatment abroad is very expensive in case you fall sick or get hurt. Travel insurance comes to your aid not only for medical care but also covers for flight delays, baggage lost and cancellations.

Arrange finances well 
Plan your expenses in advance and take some cash, but use forex cards for other needs as they are safer to carry and cheaper than debit and credit cards.

Smart packing
 Avoid overpacking, carry clothes and gears suited to the weather, get adapters suited to foreign sockets, travel documents, medications, other travel electronics, and most important a travel lock.

Familiarise with the culture
Research on the local norms and traditions to get a feel for the culture and maybe learn basics of local language like hello, thank you, please and hand gestures used by the county of travel. Keep a map of the city handy and on your phone. Research and download any apps that may help you navigate locally.

Book everything in advance
 To avoid last minute hassles and scams, make your travel arrangements in advance – flight tickets, accommodation, local transport, sightseeing, valid visa (if visa is not on arrival) and international roaming mobile packs or SIM cards. Bookings done in advance also gives benefits on pricing. 

Stay safe
 Keep emergency numbers handy, do not keep cash and credit cards at one place. Leave some locked in the hotel safe. Do not keep any valuables in your back pocket. Carry bag locked facing front. Keep a digital copy of all your travel documents including the passport.