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Dharamshala, Adam Gilchrist's favourite cricket ground overseas

Walk,jog,run,sprint,bolt...or just get yourself into a @JaguarAUS  #FPace #keylesslocking #perthwinter

The Australian sporting star opened up about his touristy side, and named his favourite cricket grounds in Australia and in India

By Siddhi Jain

November 15 (IANSlife) Former Australia cricketer Adam Gilchrist says his favourite and most-fulfilling cricket ground overseas is in Dharamshala and it’s a unique experience playing on the field there.

“It is just so beautiful; the architecture of the little pavilions is unique to that area. A ball is running in, it’s a crystal-clear blue sky and behind there are snow-capped mountains. It’s quite picturesque. You don't get that around the world very often,” Gilchrist, 48, told IANSlife. 

“It’s here that you are most challenged on the field,” he said, adding that he loves playing here given India's clear passion for the game.

The cricket legend was in India for the promotion of Tourism Western Australia, and also named his favourite grounds closer home: the WACA (Western Australian Cricket Association) and the Adelaide Oval.


Walk,jog,run,sprint,bolt...or just get yourself into a @JaguarAUS  #FPace #keylesslocking #perthwinter
Walk,jog,run,sprint,bolt...or just get yourself into a @JaguarAUS  #FPace #keylesslocking #perthwinter


Gilchrist grew up in Australia’s New South Wales region, and moved to Perth 25 years ago, where he currently lives with his wife. 

“We had all our children in Perth and never considered moving back. Western Australia is quite relaxed, there’s pretty much open space. Thinking of my children growing up, there are sporting facilities available and the outdoor climate is beautiful.”

Inviting Indians to Australia for the T20 World Cup 2020 and opening up about the city of Perth, Gilchrist said that it’s growing and is “at par with other (Australian) cities as far as entertainment and experience is concerned”.


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Editing by Aditi Roy and N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe