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Can you get past those endless airport lines?

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Ease your airport hassles with customized meet and greet services

ByVikas Sharma

June 19, 2022 (IANSlife) It's summer vacation time, and while that means international shores, mountain treks in the North of India or beach escapes in the south, it also means endless lines at the Airport. If you're keeping up with the news, you won't be surprised if you have to wait an hour or so just to get you foot into the airport, or if you finish reading that book while you wait to check in, or if you end up missing that flight thanks to security check!

But there is a way around it, Airport Meet and Greet Services, which are specially curated to deliver exclusive experiences at airports. The services have been thoughtfully designed to assure memories that talk about convenience, comfort, and luxury. Meet and Greet (M & G) services at Indian airports add a premium feel for the traveler. The services promise excellent time management while making your airport journey smooth and relaxing at any hour of the day.

For a luxurious airport concierge experience, try and avail this service in which an associate is assigned to meet and assist the traveller when they arrive at the airport. Whether one is a first-time traveler, a business traveler, or travelling with a child, these services are designed for people from all walks of life. One might even be flying out your unaccompanied minors; these services will take care of that as well. For anyone looking for a quick, smooth, and safe passage through the airport, this could be your pick  for a seamless transit.

Skip the long queues and the varied formalities, and even get access to airport lounge, buggy service, porter service, wheel chair assistance and many more customized offerings. Your baggage gets sorted on priority, which means that one does not have to wait for their luggage since the porter does that while you can relax at the lounge.

Apart from luxury and comfort, here are a few instances where choosing these services can make one’s life a little more convenient:

  • Transiting the airport for the first time? A personal assistant will guide through the airport formalities and will assist the traveler from the airport entry gate to the aircraft door (and vice versa).
  • Have an important appointment soon after the flight and don’t want your energy sapped? Accelerate the airport journey to get it done in minutes instead of hours.
  • Want to be more productive at the airport? We understand that on a business trip, it’s all about work. The time spent at the airport waiting for the flight, is priceless. Time at the airport while travelling for business can not only be productive but is crucial to sort our priority tasks at ease. Airport lounge access provides that perfect atmosphere to focus and enhance the output.
  • Want to make your layovers exciting? A personal assistant will help with various options to occupy the time. A buggy service ensures the traveler to get on to the connecting flight on time.

(Vikas Sharma, CEO, Encalm Hospitality Pvt Ltd)




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