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Off the beaten path

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Lesser-known bungee jumping gems around the globe

By IANSlife

November 19, 2023 (IANSlifeIn the heart of adventure lies a world beyond the familiar, where thrill-seekers forge their own paths, discovering hidden treasures in the realm of bungee jumping. While the towering heights of famous sites like New Zealand's Nevis Highwire or the USA's Navajo Bridge have their well-deserved acclaim, there exists a tapestry of lesser-known, adrenaline-pumping gems scattered across the globe. These unsung marvels of the bungee world beckon intrepid souls with promises of uncharted excitement, weaving tales of gravity-defying leaps amidst breathtaking, untouched landscapes. From the misty jungles of Costa Rica to the cascading waters of Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls, this is an exploration of the offbeat, a journey into the lesser-trodden territories of bungee jumping, where the thrill knows no bounds, and the view is always extraordinary.

Jumpin Heights, Rishikesh, India

A decade ago, who would’ve thought that a quaint town in India would become synonymous with Bungy jumping? With the intention to revolutionize how organisational safety is perceived in India, Jumpin Heights was born. The price point was kept keeping Indians in mind, and not the foreign tourists as one might have expected for one of the world’s most extreme sports. The world over, adventure sports are a way of weaving nature into a travelers’ experience. Adventure is a novel way of exploring a landscape and India has always had ample to boast of, but that has missed out on recognition for lack of marketing and commercialization. Jumpin Heights set up a unique bungy experience nestled amidst the Himalayan ranges, a 45-minute drive away from Lakshman Jhula, in Mohanchatti village, to not just showcase the natural beauty of our land, but to offer an experience for the jumpers to become one with it. For over a decade, this was India’s only bungy location and therefore has an unrivaled experience of operating over 1,50,000 jumps safely, a record for adventure tourism in India. To this day, it is India’s most extreme bungy experience. As local as it gets, with the best practices globally.

Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Situated at an impressive altitude of 143 meters, this stands as the highest bungee jumping spot in all of Latin America. What sets it apart, however, is the unique experience of taking your plunge from a tram suspended by a cable over the expanse of the Central American cloud forests. Navigating through this verdant terrain may seem like a maze, yet within its embrace, you're bound to uncover a new facet of yourself. Leaping over the canopy of this untamed, virgin forest amid invigorating winds and misty conditions is an adventure that should not be missed when in Costa Rica. The journey from San Jose to Monteverde offers flexible transportation options, be it through private arrangements or shared services, ensuring accessibility for all.

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe

Perched above the awe-inspiring Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls Bungee promises an unparalleled adventure for thrill-seekers like you. As you descend a staggering 364 feet amidst the roaring cascade, the spray from the falls envelops you, creating a wild, exhilarating sensation. It's an intimate yet secure encounter that every adventure enthusiast should consider. Accessible from both Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Victoria Falls Bridge serves as a vital link between the two nations. Opting for a cab proves to be the most efficient and swift mode of transportation to reach this spectacular site. Alternatively, for those seeking an authentic experience, public buses departing from terminal stations are also available.

Volcano Bungee, Pucon, Chile

Embarking on this adventure promises an experience unlike any other – a truly extraordinary and thrilling endeavor! In Pucon, you'll ascend a staggering 10,000 feet into the sky, only to take a heart-pounding plunge towards the molten lava, descending an astounding 375 feet. As you come to a halt, you'll find yourself suspended a mere 700 feet from the active volcano, creating an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Undoubtedly, Pucon ranks amongst the most exhilarating and fear-inducing bungee jump destinations worldwide. To reach Pucon, the optimal route is to catch a flight from San Tiago International Airport to Temuku, from where you can arrange for a helicopter transfer to your ultimate bungee jumping destination.

Kolnbrein Dam, Carinthia, Austria

For those seeking a slightly less daunting but equally thrilling option compared to Europabrüke, the Kolnbrein Bridge presents itself as an excellent alternative. Here, you can take a heart-pounding 169-meter leap from one of the world's highest bungee jumping sites. What truly amplifies this experience are the awe-inspiring vistas that greet you as you leap – the imposing dam and the sprawling forests. Nestled at the meeting point of the river Malta and Lieser, you can enjoy frequent and hassle-free transportation options from Carinthia Station. Both buses and private taxis operate between these locations, providing convenient access to this adrenaline-pumping site.

Finishing Off

In the world of bungee jumping, we've uncovered a tapestry of extraordinary experiences, each offering its own unique blend of thrill and natural wonder. From towering heights to heart-pounding plunges, these destinations beckon the adventurous spirit. Whether you find yourself amidst cloud-kissed forests or overlooking majestic valleys, each jump promises an unforgettable encounter with nature's raw beauty. So, which of these adrenaline-pumping journeys will you embark on? The choice is yours, and the adventure awaits.




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