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We're talking red, pink, or beige

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Dating flags to Avoid in 2023

By IANSlife

January 20, 2023 (IANSlifeHere's the tea about dating flags – they're an easy way to decode your next romantic interest. Green flags are the easiest; for Generation X, it's having a partner who is not afraid to commit. Millennials need emotionally vulnerable partners, and Gen Z needs a partner who is respectful of their boundaries. But what about the not-so-green flags? We're talking red, pink, or beige. Whichever they may be, we've got your back with these dating flags to watch out for. 


Red Flags - Danger! Danger! 

Red flags need no introduction. But if you're 'seeing red' on any of these lately, it might be time for a quick exit.  

  • GPS trackers: If your new bae keeps tabs on your Snap location a little too often, you know it's time to reach for the 'Off' switch. 
  • Negative Nancy: We all love to complain, but when a partner constantly complains about little things, especially about you... red flag! 
  • The Ex-Factor: There's nothing wrong with being friends with an ex. But stay wary when your partner and their ex-flame are a little too close for comfort.  
  • Low-key Sugar Baby: Think about it, are you always the one paying the bills? If yes, skip the dessert and split.  
  • Emotional Baggage Coolie: You're always the one trying to sort out arguments or trying to figure out what's wrong.  


Beige Flags - Where'd the heat go? 

Beige flags are signs that your potential date lacks compatibility. Maybe it's the lack of effort, or maybe they're just boring. A profile about chai, beaches, and long drives... Meh! Where's the personality?

  • The Cliche Neon Sign: Okay, okay... hear me out. Does your new date have a 'live, laugh, love neon sign in the middle of their room? Is it the basis of their entire personality? 
  • Sitcom Stan: If your new date's personality formed entirely around their favorite sitcom, if they think they're a 'Jake Peralta,' you know what to do. (Run.)  
  • Are no Hobbies Other Than 'You': Tell us truthfully, is the last book they read their 10th standard history book?  
  • Where's the personality, bro?: Are they social chameleons, and do they become unrecognizable around different groups? You may have a Runaway Bride situation on your hands. 


Pink Flags - The minor inconveniences that get you 

Pink flags could either be gentle warnings of what's to come, or they could just be minor issues. Here are some pink flags to watch out for whatever you see it as. 

  • You're not on their socials?: Some folks are just not the social media type, and some are simply hiding something in plain sight. Time to figure out the difference.  
  • Pushy Opinions: For example, they pass very casual sexist comments and think they're funny - or maybe they just don't know any better. (Here's wishing.)  
  • Uncanny Ditch-Sitch: They have a reputation for ditching plans at the last minute, and more often than not, it happens at your cost.  
  • Serial Flexer: Do you know about every gadget, gizmo, and piece of clothing they own? Do they tell you of it repeatedly? 


"A deal breaker is a deal breaker; it doesn't matter if the relationship is new, old, a situationship, or even a budding bromance. The point is, knowing how to identify these signs is important. The year has just begun, and it's still possible to watch out for these flags. Don't settle for someone that sets off alarm bells in your head," says Ruchita Sud, Relationship Expert, House of Aisle 




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