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Tips for a successful and comfortable breastfeeding

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Self-care ensures that the breastfeeding experience is comfortable for both you and the child

By IANSlife

May 27, 2023 (IANSlifeMotherhood is a beautiful journey for a woman. While the journey is filled with memories to be cherished for a lifetime, there’s a stage during which the mother and the child are emotionally, mentally, and physically connected the most, i.e. the breastfeeding stage. 

Richa Pendake, CEO and Founder, Nutrizoe said, "Breastfeeding however can be painful in the case of some new mothers and they need to practice certain tips and skills to make it a successful and comfortable experience for both, the mother and the baby."


  • Holding the baby close: A proven successful way of a smooth breastfeeding process, while holding the baby close, the mother must initiate skin-to-skin cuddling - a tender way to familiarise the baby with its surroundings. It helps the child find the mother’s breasts easily for feeding. Holding the baby skin-to-skin also keeps the baby calm and warm. 
  • Feed soon after birth: For every mother, feeding the newborn soon after birth is a way to understand the feeding process. While initial milk production in the breast or foremilk can be small, an early start will help in making the routine a smooth one. 
  • Pay attention to your diet: A healthy diet is a must to keep your body's vitals in check. Hydrating at frequent intervals is much needed during the breastfeeding stage. In case of difficulty with adequate milk production, one can opt for a nutrition-based diet and supplement bars that are rich in iron, calcium, and other necessary nutrients that aid lactation. 
  • Seek guidance: As a first-time mother, breastfeeding the child can be an unnerving experience at times. Seeking guidance is a step that you can take to fight your fears better. Firstly, ask a doctor or nurse to suggest ways for easy breastfeeding. You can also seek help from other new mothers in your family, friends, etc. 
  • Share a room: Sharing a room with your newborn baby will help create a bond with your baby and ease the breastfeeding process. It will also let you understand your baby's moods and other patterns. It enhances the breastfeeding process. You can also create a nursing station that will aid in breastfeeding your baby comfortably. The secluded, calm environment keeps you mentally stable to be able to provide for your child better.
  • Understand the process: There is a course of breastfeeding that will make it comfortable for you and the baby. Your child will give hints about ways of feeding. There will be a few ups and downs, but once the baby can latch, feeding will be smoother. Also, ensure you support the child's neck while feeding. Feeding from both breasts will ensure reduced pressure on either of your breasts.
  • Take care of the breasts: To keep the breastfeeding process smooth, you must ensure the well-being of your breasts. There are instances wherein new mothers complain about tender nipples, during the initial weeks of breastfeeding. You can follow tips like not letting the breast milk dry on nipples; using non-plastic breast pads between feeding, and more. Seek your health practitioner’s guidance on ways to take care of the nipples. Keep checking with your doctor for the possibility of mastitis/ clogged milk duct and seek medication immediately. Leaking breast milk is normal during the breastfeeding stage, hence don’t panic in this case.
  • Self-care is a must: Self-care ensures that the breastfeeding experience is comfortable for both you and the child. Focus on skincare, especially around the nipples and breasts. Invest in a good nursing bra. Avoid self-medication. 




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