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Re-strategizing, innovating is the way ahead

Re-strategizing, innovating is the way ahead

An Industry veteran shares insight on which way companies will pivot as lockdown eases nationwide

By Puja Gupta

May 22, 2020 (IANSlifeThe fourth phase of lockdown has seen an ease of many restrictions, but we must brace ourselves for a new way of life. Everyone is trying to find a new way to define normal and many things will change going forward, both personally and professionally.

On the work front, with most companies being allowed to resume operations in full swing, a new way of working will emerge as a possible innovative outcome for the challenging times ahead. IANSlife spoke to Shreevar Kheruka, Managing Director of Borosil Ltd, who shares insight into how workplaces will pivot moving ahead.


Restrategizing and innovating 
Companies across essential and non-essential goods and services industry will have to re-strategize and plan on how to cater to changed customer needs and demands. The focus will be on new product development to suit the current situation. Many companies will be doing the same to stay relevant in these tough times. 


Maintaining discipline
Everyone, from large firms to smaller offices, will need to focus on maintaining discipline when it comes to social distancing, sanitizing workplaces and avoiding gatherings, group meetings and other prior practices in the workplace for the foreseeable future. Stringent methods at the workplace will be a new normal to ensure we contain the further spread of COVID-19.


Focus on health and hygiene 
The importance of focusing on health and hygiene has been one of the biggest takeaways from this pandemic. People are doing everything to sanitise, stay hydrated, eat the right foods and exercise. With work life resuming, it will be of paramount to continue eating healthy and keeping our immune systems up. People will also want to avoid contact and touching surfaces or use of common utensils in office pantries. So companies have to take care of this.


Make the most of valuable time
What the current situation has taught us is that with digital mediums and platforms, we can manage time effectively and create maximum value. We can still function and get the work done without the need to hold large meetings or gatherings. Using technology for the last few months has shown us a new way of efficient work, the reduced need to commute and the ability to have a much better work-life balance. Many traditional companies did not believe that work from home can be an option. But this situation has proven that capabilities and efficiency is not always dependent on physical proximity to the workplace. We have the opportunity to re-enter the corporate space with a new sense of identity.


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