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Make your vineyard a dream come true

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very unique concept comes with a set of challenges but the right team and technical knowhow can easily overcome those

ByN. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

March 21, 2022 (IANSlifeOwning a vineyard is a luxury many don’t get to enjoy. Besides, creating an opportunity to sample new wines you get to explore the area or go for a leisurely morning walk. India is a developing country, and adding a vineyard to your backyard could give your home a fresh and modern look. More people nowadays prefer a stay at a vineyard over a resort stay for their vacations, but incorporating a vineyard into your own home can make you feel like you're in paradise every day.

Arush Nagpal, Director, Agrocorp Landbase speaks to IANSlife

How did the idea of vineyard in your backyard come about?

Arush: The vineyard is a serene experience, and people travel the world for these experiences. Bengaluru is the wine country of Karnataka as the weather topography allow us to grow wine-producing varieties in the area, our land development team thought of this idea of setting up vineyards on these farmlands.

We have the best technical expertise in the country for the setup and management of these vineyards. We will also manage the maintenance and buy back all the produce generated on these farms for the farm owners.

Agrocorp's team is continuously innovating about the concepts and value additions that we can package with our land investment propositions.


How will it change the real estate sector in Bangalore?

Arush: This will be a great opportunity for investors to become a part of this unique offering where the investment is asset-heavy and at the same time, it adds a lot of value to the whole family's lifestyle. Post covid the trend has changed, people formerly came to the city for experiences but now people seek space, nature and engagement. People are looking for investments that have growth potential but also add to their lifestyle. Owning a farm has always been an aspiration and our company has been fulfilling this aspiration since 2016 in Bengaluru. We have developed and delivered more than 300 acres to our customers where we also undertake the management of these farms.

With the launch of this concept, we expect to fulfil both the investment and lifestyle aspirations of investors with ease and in an organised manner.


Are you planning to expand this concept in other cities/ states too?

Arush: We seek to expand to Delhi in the next one  year as and when the government policy framework allows. Delhi government is working on a great policy framework to undertake such developments. We are waiting for the policy to get approved and we will be launching such unique opportunities there as well. The land is the most rewarding asset class over time and also such investments are a great way to conserve land, increase the green cover and at the same time it creates wealth over time.


Explain the process? How can one make this vineyard dream come true?

Arush: The people who are seeking to fulfil their aspiration of owning a farm can get in touch with our team and they will guide them towards their investment. All our offerings come with complete title due diligence and all development and management responsibility if ours. The customer can visit the location, choose their farm and enjoy the farm life post-offer of possession. It's as easy as that.


Any challenges faced?

Arush: Every unique concept comes with a set of challenges but the right team and technical knowhow can easily overcome those. We have invested over 12 months of research and development to bring together all the elements required to fulfil this aspiration of owning a vineyard. With our years of experience and team of trained professionals, we can proudly say that the only thing the customer needs to worry about is the amount of time he can spend on the farm.


You are the first to launch a luxurious vineyard in your backyard project in Bengaluru. Comment

Arush: For the very first time in India, it is now possible to own a luxurious vineyard in your backyard. A vineyard investment can be a dream for many and also a valuable investment. Owning a vineyard makes one enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and premium quality of the wine. With the growing wine consumption, a supply chain is very important. The whole experience of having a vineyard and someday being a part of this supply chain could help people realise that investing in a vineyard will be a trend in creating a deeper brand connection.

For this purpose, Agrocorp Landbase (P) Limited, a real-estate organisation headquartered in Bengaluru: The IT Capital of India has collaborated with Grover Zampa Vineyards Limited which is one of India's finest wineries that has produced award-winning wines.

Owning a vineyard offers a marvellous opportunity to taste fresh wines. One does not have to stick to tasting wine, people can also explore the place or go for a leisure walk in the morning. India is a developing country and adding a vineyard to your backyard could offer a fresh and modern style to your home. More people these days prefer a vineyard stay rather than a resort stay for their vacations, but introducing a vineyard in your own house can now make you feel like you're in paradise every single day. 

The project is located only 10 minutes from the Doddaballapur Cross on the Dobbaspet road, Bengaluru and the total area of the farm is 22 acres. The purpose of this project is to add luxury to one's home and make an investment for the youth an easy and exciting task. Vineyard growing and management is one of the finest arts. Owning a vineyard is not only about running a business, it also offers a host of unexpected benefits. Whether one is a wine enthusiast dreaming of producing the finest quality wine, a hobbyist in pursuit of a fascination with vineyards, a casual browser who believes in luxury and owning an extravagance property, vineyard ownership is an adventure yet to be discovered in India. 




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