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A hard push for lab-grown diamonds in India

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LG Diamonds or Sustainable Diamonds is one such game-changing money-spinner in the Indian markets, which also promoted an eco-friendly policy that was conspicuously absent before

ByParag Agrawal

July 6, 2022 (IANSlife) Contemporary society has languished many antiquated notions of beauty and opened its arms to several sustainable trends that have not only changed peoples' perceptions but also laid a non-conformist ideological plank that works both on monetary and intellectual levels. For ages, the beauty industry was mocked for promoting unrealistic standards of beauty and being classist that only caters to the ultra-rich populations. But it is entirely untrue in the present context.

LG Diamonds or Sustainable Diamonds is one such game-changing money-spinner in the Indian markets, which also promoted an eco-friendly policy that was conspicuously absent before. The concept of LG diamonds was very new in the mide2000s in Indian territory when most experts wrote it off, saying that it would never be able to stand tall against naturally mined diamonds, which were at the peak of sales in those days.

But, due to drastic climate changes that have clouded in recent times and the responsive and corrective pro-environment strategies that have been put in motion across industries, the sales of sustainable diamonds have massively picked up and become a top favorite among women buyers nowadays.

As the number of self-sufficient and empowered women in society has grown majorly, so has their income flow channeled towards different types of luxury indulgences. Diamonds are one of the most ineffaceable gratifying pleasures of women. They expend their resources on diamonds, but sustainable diamonds seem to be the pick of the bunch in markets today.

Their making process entirely coincides in a lab without releasing greenhouse emissions or pollution-causing agents. It costs less and has the same physical and chemical attributes as natural diamonds. This makes it popular not only in the elite class population but also reachable and easily accessible to the middle class and higher middle-class families.

As the awareness about environment conservation has struck a chord with millions of people, they are also making maximum efforts to assuage green-house problems. Women, in this case, are increasingly opting for LG diamonds for various occasions like engagement rings, wedding rings, proposal rings, etc.

Sustainable Diamonds do not even disappoint when it comes to variety. Holistically available in all kinds of women's accessories like nose pins, pendants, bangles, bracelets, and necklaces, they can be worn on all types of family, communitarian or official gatherings.

Needless to say that women are excellent investors, which is why they want to pool their money in products that are cost-efficient and also last for a long time. Sustainable Diamonds are not mere rocks; they represent a robust eco-minded value system that most women see themselves aligned with. It does not spread the wrong message to keep your whims above the common good. Instead, it advocates that splurges always should carry a positive undertone that depicts a person's mindset.

LG Diamonds are multi-faceted and can be used to ramp up looks, attires, dresses, and trousseau in any given design that one would like. They are lighter, easy to carry, and saps well with traditional clothing as well as western raiment. Sustainable Diamonds are widely known to be the quintessence of aesthetic and ethereal appeal. It increases the grace and magnetism of a woman's presence. It is one of the prime reasons why it has become an unmissable part of a modern-day working women's ensemble. It radiates an aura and defines a style statement that is here to stay.

The fluorescence of sustainable diamond markets in India also highlights the awareness that has sprung up among buyers in present times. It will only expand and gain a huge growth spurt in the coming days.

(Parag Agrawal is the co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fiona Diamonds.)



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