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Gauri Khan on how to make an chic statement

Arnaya Mirage Vase

The value of home, love, and family was ever more magnified during the lockdown

By IANSlife Features

November 15, 2020 (IANSlife) Gauri Khan has created a compendium of luxurious marble objet d’arts for International lifestyle brand, Arnaya's Festive Collection. It offers distinguished gifting options for the festive season with a distinctly contemporary design language. Inspired by hope and humanity, the impeccably crafted collection makes a luxurious addition to any home or office.

IANSlife spoke to the interior designer to get all the details on her new collaboration. Read Excerpts:


Do you agree that one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is that people have started dining in and socialising has moved to the interior spaces of our homes?
Gauri: Yes, socialising has changed. I don’t socialise too much anyway, and the pandemic has meant more time with family, which has been nice. Smaller, meaningful meetings with friends at home are always nice – which have been more frequent.


With intimate gatherings at home there is a renewed focus on interiors, what should one focus on?
Gauri: The focus should be on creating spaces that offer both comfort and style. Chic interiors, statement décor elements and the colours you use make all the difference. You spend a lot of time at home, so the interiors should reflect your sense of aesthetic.


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Diwali is a time for gifting, what makes Arnaya's marble objet d’arts ​​​​​​​ a unique and statement gift which is sure to be appreciated and loved?
Gauri​​​​​​​:  My festive collection for Arnaya is inspired by the twin themes of hope and humanity. The pieces showcase the natural beauty of marble and stone and the crafting is impeccable. It is a versatile range that offers an array of gifting options that will add a dash of style and opulence to any space.

Your checklist for a party / dinner at home?
Gauri​​​​​​​: Covid is still here, so keep your gatherings small. Arrange your seating with social distancing in mind and maintain a flow of natural air with windows open. You can balance the sense of warmth and intimacy with good lighting and circular seating. Beautifully plated and presented food and table arrangements will add to the festive feel.

Says Manan Trivedi, MD Arnaya, “Arnaya’s curation of Gauri Khan designs for the festive season is a poignant reminder that even when problems seem insurmountable, change is always possible and hope will always be our guiding force. The brand applauds the relentless efforts and salutes all across borders, race, gender and professions for demonstrating compassion, courage and exemplary strength in restoring hope for all of humanity.”

“The mandatory lockdown served as an opportunity for all of us to step back and re-evaluate the true meaning of life. The value of home, love, and family was ever more magnified and with this experience I hope people enjoy having these pieces in their homes and offices as much as we have enjoyed designing them,” says Gauri Khan. 



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