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Fratelli Wines gets a design makeover

Fratelli wines

IANSlife chats to Gaurav Sekhri as the brand unveils a fresh new identity for its single varietal range

By IANSlife

October 13, 2021 (IANSlife) Celebrated for producing some of the finest Indian-origin wines, Fratelli Wines, for the first time since the brand’s inception, introduces a fresh new avatar for their single varietal range of wines.

With vibrant colour palettes and a silhouette change in the shape of the bottle, the new label designs are aimed at appealing to a wider audience of new-age wine enthusiasts. The design reinforces the brand's ethos of forging bonds through every glass of exquisite wine, turning friends into family. The range features stunning new key elements such as gold foiling typography along with an abstract Fratelli family portrait of the seven founding brothers in a unique and memorable illustration style.

A literal representation of Fratelli, meaning ‘brothers’ in Italian, the new labels for the brand’s single varietal range of wines features a stylised illustration of a family portrait of the brothers of Fratelli – the Secci brothers from Italy, the Sekhri and Mohite-Patil brothers from India – all bonding over a glass of wine.

The brands new visual identity was envisioned by the late Mr. Kapil Sekhri, who is also one of the seven founding brothers of the Fratelli family. Through this re-design and new outlook the wine company wanted to share the story of love, passion and a shared dream of the three families at the heart of the brand.

In an exclusive interview IANSlife caught up with Gaurav Sekhri- Director at Fratelli wines to get all the details.

Share with us the idea of the re-launch and the new look for the single varietal range of wines? 

Sekhri: When we started the brand our focus was on getting the vineyards right, the wines right  and probably we didn't pay to much attention to the look of the bottle. All along people have informed us the wines are far superior than what the labels reflect. So we wanted to do justice to the look and the quality of wines we do and also bring out the story of brotherhood. We've been planning this for quite some time, its a Herculean task in terms of operations and investments, so we held back, but we thought now this is the right time.

Its a full 360 degree change in design, the bottles are chic, the shape has changed, the labels are younger and vibrant and a strong connect with the Fratelli story itself, which is what the brands stands for. 


The pandemic really brought to the fore the importance of family and brotherhood, is the design symbolic of this in any way? 

Sekhri: Fratelli was born out of brotherhood and like most vineyards and wineries around the world, is family owned and driven. The design – of the 7 brothers bonding over a glass of wine – is the proud depiction of what we truly stand for. It’s a happy coincidence that it is extremely relevant currently, when people have spent greater time with their loved ones and the familial bonds stronger than ever before. 

A relaunch in a way is a new lease on life and after such times is the brand celebrating hope and a brighter 2021? 

Sekhri:  It is needless to say that most hospitality businesses have been drastically affected with the pandemic. In India the onset of the festive season changes the spirit and morale across the country. With a stronger vaccination drive, we are hoping that 2021 is indeed brighter not just for us but our partners and suppliers too. 


The brand is born of the love, passion and shared dream of the three families . Tell us a little about this synergy ? 

Sekhri: Fratelli was started with a dream and a vision that we would produce the best quality wine that Indian terroir can offer. The brotherhood and this shared dream has kept us going through strong in the times of turbulence and that of cheer 


What do you mean by new -age wine enthusiasts ? 

Sekhri: Today’s Indian customers are well travelled and exposed to the wine lifestyle across the world. With that discovery we have a new segment of customers who have taken to wine drinking and demand nothing less from the Indian wineries  

After months of social distancing, is this new design a homage to friends & family celebrating the good times to come? 

Sekhri: This design is a homage to Kapil, whose vision and relentless passion are the driving force behind Fratelli. He had envisioned this rebranding which has been carried out by his team 

Millennials and Gen Z focus on quality, utility and price. Do you think this will appeal to them? 

Sekhri: Absolutely. We have always been on top of the game in quality and price. With the new chic look we aim to appeal to their design aesthetics as well.   

The redesigned single varietal range focuses on an everyday elegance while carefully retaining the colours from its pre-existing selection in the efforts to create brand recall and incorporating additional features such as tasting notes to help consumers in making it easier to pick the wine of their choice.


The Fratelli single varietal portfolio of wines consists of 10 different distinct variants,  namely, Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc-Shiraz, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sangiovese Bianco, Sauvignon Blanc, Chennin Blanc, Shiraz Rosé. The new packaging has already started to hit the shelves and will soon be available with retailers nationwide from October onwards.