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Extroverts read on for tips on how to deal with the lockdown

How can extroverts deal with the lockdown

We all need extroverts to fill us with exuberance; but extroverts shouldn't depend upon social fuel to empower their own life

By IANSlife Features

April 4, 2020 (IANSlife) A recent research conducted by the University of California revealed that if introverts are asked to act like extroverts, as a result, they experience more satisfaction and positive emotions. But what if the research was reversed?

While the world is dealing with COVID-19, many people are fighting another battle altogether. Sitender Sherawat, Motivational speaker and Life Coach shares tips on how extroverts can deal with the lockdown. 

While the basic necessities for the survival are air, food and water for anyone, for extroverts, it includes people too. That’s how they draw their fuel for living. But the lockdown has left many extroverts starved for company, and simply put living life. 

But extroverts should look at this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a meaningful change.

Before we dive into the ideas, let’s draw a fine line between an introvert and an extrovert. To put it in simple and lucid form, “Extroverts draw their energy from people and Introverts from within”. 

Meet Yourself

Let’s be honest, most of us will never stop running unless we have a choice. Take this opportunity to look inside and meet yourself. Find your true strength. Try mindful meditation and become more aware of your thoughts. Don’t worry if you become restless at first. Let the sand sit at the bottom of the glass and soon, you will start to see clarity set in. 

Take a look at your Life

Imagine a sculptor working for years and never taking time to step back and see how he is doing so far. How many times have you thought about taking a step back and looking at the sculpture of your life? This is the time to evaluate and see where your life is going and if it is going where you wanted. If not, make a change.

Learn a new Skill

It may sound overhyped but try with a short course. There are plenty of MOOCs available online for e.g. a short course on Problem Solving, Language, Speaking, Writing, etc. Most of them are all free and add up to your professional credibility. The sense of accomplishment that you get once you finish will motivate you further. 

Get into Shape

There is no better time and weather than the current one to focus on your diet and physical health. Follow a strict routine, spend time on practicing yoga, and mental health. A healthy body and mind will keep you far away from the stress of lockdown. Scientifically you are more productive early in the morning than at any other time, so try to workout then.

Prepare for Tomorrow

While there is still uncertainty about the lockdown and the ongoing crisis, Its wise to show some gratitude towards things life has given you. There is going to be dawn and its on you, how beautiful you make it. While life is uncertain, living can’t be a thing of tomorrow. 

Invest in Your Relationships

While we all are spending more time with our family than we ever spent, it can be spectacularly pleasant to be around your loved ones and make your relationships beautiful. Interact more with family, look after dogs on the streets, talk to your old friends and reinstate the same trust and love you once shared. It’s after all a pause in life. 

After a few days of struggle, you will discover a sensational pleasure in meeting parts of you, even you didn’t know existed. Remember, you are a powerhouse with you.

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Editing by Ritu Pandey and N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe