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Decorate your home on a budget in time for the holidays

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays on a Budget

A classic mirror will add richness to your home and function as a reflective piece to shed light in each corner


October 17, 2021 (IANSlifeDuring festivals like Diwali, one shouldn't only pay pay attention to dressing up, shopping and meeting family members; an integral part of festivities includes cleaning and decorating our homes, neighbourhood and spreading joy. But while anybody can clean their homes, designing new spaces can be a tad bit cumbersome.

With a restricted budget and high-priced décor products in the market, everyone is always looking out for new ideas that are both cost-effective and can transform your home to welcome Maa Laxmi and the New Year.

Don’t worry though, the following five budget-friendly ways shared by Niraj Johri founder & CEO at Casa Decor help you decorate your home in a manner that makes it unforgettable. 

Adding metal accents

Adding brass, silver, or copper accessories in the tiny little spaces inside your home can elevate its overall design aesthetics. Metals are the epitome of elegance and luxury – they can be moulded to lend an eccentric and dynamic fusion of colours. Due to their unpredictable nature, artisans can find numerous ways in which they can help accentuate every corner in your home. 

Folded into intricate forms with beautiful solid colours, metals are an undeniably fascinating material to use in home décor. In fact, they are known for their polished and refined looks that bring together edgy, contemporary, and Victorian styles to the forefront. Such designs can usually be found in handcrafted décor pieces such as metal trays that are perfect centrepieces on wooden tables. 

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

This Diwali one should endeavour to shift to organic décor pieces that make use of fresh flowers elevate spaces like doorways, balconies, stairs, or even put them in vases and let the flowers be the centre of attention. Houseplants and flowers not only brighten your surroundings but also boost your mood immediately. Since Diwali calls for parties at home, flowers can function as a catalyst for good vibes.

You can also make use of metal planters enchanted by unexpected colours and veins. Through their unique characteristics and diverse sets of textures, metal planters enable the preservation of charm and value unique to Indian handicraft traditions and cultures.

Light lights! Tea lights

Tea lights are perhaps best used when they are placed inside intricately handcrafted ceramic casings that combine various traditional techniques
practised through time. Each piece exudes a sense of muted culture that find a new life in the nuances of the design work.

How about some lanterns?

Lanterns with fairy lights is a very popular idea that can be found in most households today. All you must do is fill the jar with fairy lights and hang them in any corner of a room. They offer an inspiring firefly effect that lends a unique and inimitable look to spaces within homes.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Wall mirrors are another way of adding an aesthetic and elegant touch to homes. One can add different sizes of mirrors on empty walls and change the look of the entire area. A classic mirror will add richness to your home and function as a reflective piece to shed light in each corner.





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