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Changes in home décor trends

Changes Covid-19 brought in home décor trends

The pandemic has made people more thoughtful in terms of designing their homes and bringing permanent chnges

By Puja Gupta

July 21, 2021 (IANSlife) Looking at the same walls 24/7 while stuck at home can be quite taxing. While people are reclaiming their space, they are finding true meaning in their homes in terms of feeling safe and comfortable. While, we cannot control the uncertainty happening in the outside world, we definitely can control things inside, and this outbreak has inspired us to transform our homes. Michelle Williamson, Interior Designer, WoodenStreet shares how this pandemic brought changes in home décor trends.


Colours and Colours

Since the pandemic, the outside world has left us with no colourful vibes, but on the positive side, it has inspired us to bring colour to our home in the best way possible. Colours are proven to be a perfect way to infuse positivity into your home interiors. Add them in any form, be it cushion covers, rugs, curtains, and other furnishing items. Incorporating hues like yellows and bright pinks into your surroundings adds a dash of cheerfulness in no time. 


A Wall Re-Do

Looking at the same drab wall the whole day while stuck at home can make you feel more bore. In that case, wall treatments are the true caller. Bring in a scenario – the photo frames, which are the right statement-makers. Photo frames always make you feel nostalgic, and it is a good-to-go option for a re-do as well. From childhood pictures to the pandemic photographs (yes, why not?), create a wall full of pictures, and it will give a perfect Instagram-worthy look.  


Let the Light Follows You

Who said lights are only for Diwali’s and Xmas? Light denotes hope and positivity in all way. Not enough lighting in homes can impact your mood for the worse. Add the light that you love, be it hanging lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and bring a change in surroundings. With WFH becoming the new normal, interior designers suggest to move your workspace close to a window to infuse natural light o your home.


Porch Treatment

This pandemic has reduced people from going to each other’s homes, rather preferring to meet them outside the house like in porch or home garden. And, this inspired them to do a home garden or porch treatment. Compared to the plain porches earlier, people are now adopting for a balcony furniture for making a seating space outside home, considering the home garden and other deco-inspiring items as essentials.


Make Private Spaces

While this crisis has allowed us to spend enough time with family members, accept that you do need your private space too. And, this encouraged people to create separate areas within the home itself. While you can’t create a separate room, you can create separate zones with room dividers and various other screen partitions.  


Kitchen Deserves Convenience

This lockdown has led many to experiment with the new recipes and made the kitchen the favorite place of the house. And, while you start spending time at some place, you want it to be as per your convenience, and kitchens definitely deserve that. The kitchen cabinets, trolleys, functional microwave stands and high-quality machines can help you achieve that oh-so-perfect and restaurant-style results at home.


Hygiene is Must

People are now giving more importance to bathroom accessories which were often ignored earlier. From bathroom mats to soap dispenser sets, people are more towards the side of adding all these things in a bathroom as on priority, considering the hygiene factor a must.


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