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The best of Thai creations at this virtual event


Over 100 of Thai brands are taking part in this virtual platform that aims to provide fresh business ideas and new partnership opportunities

By IANSlife

August 30, 2020 (IANSlife) Meet the best of Thai creations and the makers in a virtual world with over 100 curated Thai brands, giving you fresh business ideas and new partnership opportunities at THAIGROOVE – The Global Reach Online to Offline Virtual Experience.

As traditional trade shows are out of question and travel restrictions still on hold for the foreseeable future, the DITP - Department of International Trade Promotion, Thailand is spearheading this virtual platform that will keep global trade booming and new business opportunities growing despite the pandemic set backs.

Director-General Somdet Susomboon, the man behind the project, said: “It’s the first time that a select group of brands and creations from different categories are showcased together in one beautiful virtual showroom. This means you can discover and learn more about the brands and choose to connect directly with the makers to explore business opportunities and form partnerships from anywhere in the world. There’s no limit to the possibilities. With what’s going on with the world today, connecting more in a virtual world is inevitable. Life can still go on if we adapt fast. THAIGROOVE is the coming together of over 100 creators with one common spirit: the spirit of moving forward together in unity and resilience, creativity and positivity. There’s no end when it comes to Thai creativity.”

With registrations starting by September 1, one will virtually witness an array of handpicked, environment-friendly, and niche Thai brands. They also have a meet-the-makers event from September 15-17, packed with brand live sessions and insightful industry webinars.

You can also discover six concept collections that work for the new normal in THAIGROOVE virtual showrooms.

LFH LIVE FROM HOME: Making the home an awesome life hub

Get inspired by the #LFH - LIVE FROM HOME collection, with great living creations that make home life more delightful. Cool furniture and decoratives, fun food to enjoy at home, witty gadgets and more.

LIVE ECO: The planet is what we all have in common

Thailand is now a buzzling hub for sustainable designs and creations and this LIVE ECO collection showcases some of the coolest, the most creative and the ones with the utmost care for the planet. Sustainable fashion with serious style, decorative items that have green souls, and food items that are end-to-end eco-minded.

LIVE HAPPY: It begins with inner-self

There's an art to happiness and it's here in the LIVE HAPPY collection. A great array of in home wellness and beauty regimens, gratifying food and snacks, state-of-the art bathtubs, exquisite fashion items and happy life accessories that will add 'Happy' to any day.  

LIVE LITE : Cheerful and easy-going products that's for everyone

Small choices make great impact. The LIVE LITE collection features everyday items that offer flexibility, resilience and a peace of mind. Anything from refreshing coconut drinks to snacks and sandals. 

LIVE CRAFT: True beauty does not seek attention

The LIVE CRAFT collection features unique designs, sculpted by traditional crafts that are created for cutting-edge living. Impressive furniture and homeware, captivating jewelry and accessories, hand-crafted fashion items and much more.

LIVE SAFE: Be safe… ready to face the world with good vibes only

The collection showcases simple yet effective creations to live safely with a cool sense of taste and style. Discover skincare, sauces and sandals. Eplore healthy drinks, rice and innerwear. Safe living has never felt better.


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