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5 tips to keep in mind while shopping for cushion covers

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Purchase a ready-made cover to avoid confusion and elevate your home

ByNeera Chopra

August 14, 2022 (IANSlife) When you consider redesigning your home, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Given that each person has their own preferences and perspectives, I am confident that the answers to these questions will vary greatly. But it will always be the style and patterns of my pillow covers for me. I think they can significantly alter the appearance of your home. Your home dcor will look fresh and unusual with new cushion coverings.

Choosing the right cushion cover is crucial since it enhances your interior by reviving the appearance and ambiance of your home. Because they should meld effortlessly with your décor, finding cushion coverings that complement your design is crucial. Here are some suggestions to assist you choose cushion coverings that are more stylish, cosy, and attractive.

Expert Neera Chopra, Founder of 19 Sides shares tips that one should keep in mind while shopping for cushion covers that can elevate your home:

Choice of Fabric : Every type of fabric has its own quality and the best choice of fabric comes with a handful of advantages. You can choose between cotton which is durable and easily washable and polyester as they are versatile and the best option for highly used spaces of your house. If you want to go for that edgy look, consider a Leather. Although Leather cushions do require a lot of maintenance. An important factor to take into account is the cushion cover's material. The fabric that you select should be such that no dust particle can be trapped. Also, the materials should be easy to clean and maintain. The finest material to use is cotton because it keeps its fresh appearance even after numerous washings.

Sizes and shapes : To give your house a detailed look, experiment and play with shapes and sizes of the cushions and their covers. They offer a change in your sense of creativity and enhance the look of your home decor. It is best to play around with throw pillows along with the big cushions to make your living room very polished.

Choice of color : Choose the color of your cushion cover as per your interiors and the type of ambience you would like to create. For example, if your interiors are neutral colors, it is best to opt for cushions that have a pop of color or have a texture to it. It can very easily elevate the look of your house without doing much. Playing with textures and colors can really glam up your living space.

Prints : Whether you like your cushion cover patterns simple, bold, printed or embroidered, the choice should depend on the ambience of your home decor, whether it is classic or contemporary. The prints can either make or break the look of your home, so it is important to choose wisely, depending on the vibe of your house, the sofa design and the colors you have played with. Too much of anything is not going to look good. The design of the cushion cover must blend well with the style of the sofa. For instance, if you have a sofa that is traditionally designed and black in color you can consider buying black floral cushion covers or hand block print styles. The asymmetric designs, geometric shapes and the modern cuts do not blend well with the conventional sofa sets. You can purchase a fringe tapestry if you want the greatest results. If your sofa set is red or dark maroon in color you can buy beautifully designed cushion covers that look perfectly well. A great option is light-colored sets with light-colored coverings. If you choose to buy the best covers you can choose a beautiful patchwork in the center of the cushion.

Ready-made covers : Since not everyone has an in-depth knowledge about the latest design trends of cushion covers, it is better to purchase a ready-made cover. With plenty of options available in the market, you get confused about what to choose. Home furnishings are essential for designing home interiors. Therefore, whether you require a simple cushion cover or expensive furniture pieces, just be sure that they go well with the décor of your living rooms in order to improve their aesthetic appeal.




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