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Bhutan launches Druk Neykor programme

Bhutan launches the Druk Neykor programme: Embark on a spiritual journey through Bhutan's sacred sites

Embark on a spiritual journey through Bhutan's sacred sites

By IANSlife

March 28, 2024 (IANSlifeBhutan's Department of Tourism announces the launch of the Druk Neykor programme, a new tourism experience covering 108 sites and monuments in Bhutan showcasing the history, culture and spirituality of the country.

Introduced to welcome and enlighten travellers of varying ages who seek to know more about Bhutan’s unique culture and tradition. The Druk Neykor programme first starts with tours to 16 sites within Thimphu, including the Wangditse Lhakhang, Tshelung Ney, and Talangkha Drugyel Goenpa, among others. With accommodation options easily available near the sacred sites, all the locations are accessible either by road or via a hike.  

“The spiritual heritage of Bhutan is deeply intertwined with its natural beauty, and Druk Neykor provides a unique opportunity to explore both in harmony. We invite travellers from all across the world seeking a truly spiritual and immersive travel experience to participate in the Druk Neykor programme and contribute to promoting the pilgrimage sites and the unique culture of Bhutan,” said Dorji Dhradhul, the Director General of the Department of Tourism, Bhutan.

The Druk Neykor is a pilgrimage travel programme, and the sites are selected based on their sacredness, historical significance, easy accessibility and popularity among others.

Visitors can participate in Druk Neykor through a Bhutanese Tour Operator, and one can also visit the sites without participating in the Druk Neykor programme. However, the truly immersive experience is Druk Neykor’s unique passport system, wherein travellers collect stamps at each spiritual site visited. From the iconic Tiger's Nest monastery perched on a cliffside to the serene Druk Wangyel Chorten, Dochula, offering panoramic views of the Himalayas, every stamp tells a story of spiritual awakening and cultural immersion. Additionally, the stamp book also includes QR codes, allowing access to detailed information about each site upon scanning.




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