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Survey reveals India’s ‘Diet Paradox’

August 11, 2020 (IANSlife) As many as 97 percent Indians are aware of the essential nutrients and micro-nutrients required for their body, of which 60…

Stephenie Meyer

15 years later, a novel retelling 'Twilight'

The Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer retells the story of Twilight from Edward's point of view

Bali, Source: Ajit Rana

A photo-journey through 'diverse Asia'

Ajit Rana takes you across Asia in a series of pictures that give you just the taste of travel you've been craving for

Representational Image (Credit: Unsplash)

Indians taking to writing and reading in lockdown

In the land of stories and storytellers, a literature platform has built a 3-million-strong community of young readers and writers

Has Covid-19 destroyed your libido?

Has Covid-19 destroyed your libido?

The pandemic created concerns about health, income, work, children and the uncertainty of it all can leave you feeling overtaxed, under-resourced and in no mood for sex