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The power of sound

The power of sound

Use the healing power of sound meditation that takes the form of Tibetan singing bowls, sound of flowing water or rain, bells, mantras and chants and sometimes even silence

By IANSlife

June 2, 2020 (IANSlifeSound has a deep relationship with meditation and healing since time immemorial. The significance of various forms of sound has found its way to meditation since ancient times across cultures. From pronouncing ‘Om’ to various forms of instrumental music, sound has had its impact of healing lifestyle diseases as well as serious illnesses. 

Sound meditation uses different forms of music and sound like Tibetan singing bowls; sound of flowing water or rain; thunderstorms; crystal singing bowls; gongs; bells; mantras and chants and sometimes even silence. 

While most of the world is under lockdown; the time and space can be productively utilised to bring in a synergy amidst the body, mind and soul through simple sound therapies at home. One might end up with relaxation, improved memory and concentration, better sleep cycles and heightened awareness by the time the world heals itself from Covid-19.

Shanti Kaur Khalsa, Sikh Dharma International shares five forms of sound that can heal us in various ways:

Bani: Every ‘Shabd’ in Siri Guru Granth Sahib is considered as Bani. Bani means vibration or frequency of consciousness. Bani is not just what the words say or what the language conveys in a literal or philosophical sense. It comes as a holistic understanding, a revelation of universal and ultimate truth. The Sikh masters received these visions of sound. Bani is the Teacher, the Guide who takes us from the darkness of our own ego to the light of our Inner Divinity. 

Binaural Beats: It helps people in dealing with anxiety, stress and restlessness. The scientific way to which a person receives the beats has a difference in frequency between the left and right ear, which are like optical illusion of sounds. The different patterns of frequency of the beats- Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma positively impacts behaviour patterns and sleep cycles of individuals. It also improves focus, concentration and confidence. In many cases, people have also experienced improvement in memory after listening to binaural beats. 

Nature music: Listening to the sounds of waves crashing or a babbling brook has shown to enhance cognitive function and concentration. Soothing sounds of flowing water or rainfall, thunder storms, sea waves can improve concentration, making the person feel disconnected from the hustle bustle of the world.  Sound of nature has also proven to induce positivity while working, along with a restorative effect on cognitive abilities. 

Chants and Mantras: Mantra is composed of root words which has a specific signature of cosmic vibrations. The simple chanting of ‘Om’ or any other religious chant has seen a positive impact on individual’s body and mind, similar to the effect of meditation. Chanting has proven to strengthen levels of aura, thus inducing positivity in people. Chanting mantras helps us by building an inner protection against negative feelings just like the body builds an immunity system to fight against diseases. It has been observed that when people chant, they tend to stay positive even in stressful situations.

Sound of Silence: The sound of silence is also a very powerful form of healing therapy. Practising two minutes silence everyday helps in boosting the immune system, lowers the blood pressure. Some studies have also found that silence helps in improving abilities to learn and remember. People practicing silence have witnessed improved emotional balance within themselves. 

While sound is a part of our daily lives, shutting ourselves from those forms of sound and connecting with healing sounds can increase a sense of peace, calmness and awakening within ourselves; bringing a synergy within our mind, body and soul.


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