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Ghare Baire to close current exhibitions

Ghare Baire

The exposition of 19th-20th century art in Bengal comes to an end on 28 November 2021

ByOlivia Sarkar

November 28, 2021 (IANSlife) Ghare Baire was a series of exhibitions that traced the evolution of art in Bengal from the arrival of travelling European artists to the founding of one of the first colonial art schools, the rise of indigenous practises, a revivalist movement born of resistance to imperial impositions, and the high tide of modernism. The curation includes the world's greatest collection of Bengal art on public exhibition, as seen through a historical lens.

Ghare Baire, which featured the extensive DAG collection, combined sensitive displays with extensive notes in English and Bengali on artists, art movements, and individual artworks ranging from early European aquatints to Kalighat and Early Bengal paintings, prints, drawings, watercolour, oil, and acrylic paintings, photography, and sculpture.

Its galleries and courtyard were turned into workshops and performance spaces, resulting in a vibrant cultural hub in the city.


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