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Beauty trends forecast for 2021

Beauty trends forecast for 2021

Looking back at the beauty trends that ruled 2020 and are likely to win 2021 too

By Puja Gupta

December 28, 2020 (IANSlife) Beauty has been our companion through 2020, through the comfort of having the closest thing to a routine or using it as means to channel our creativity. With nowhere to go during quarantine, skin care took precedence over make-up. Thanks to extra time on our hands this year, self-care in the form of DIY skin care, such as home-made face masks and scrubs became one of the biggest sources of comfort during these times.

Friendly on the pocket and as organic as it gets, the DIY skin care trend is not likely to go away anytime soon. Experts in the beauty space list down the top trends for the upcoming year:

Vandana Luthra, Founder and Co-Chairperson of VLCC: 

The ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ Trend: While 2020 gave us a breather to do away with make-up for a while, online work video calls led to a desire to opt for the ‘No makeup makeup’ look. To achieve this natural and effortlessly on-point look, apply a dewy moisturizer all over the face and neck and add a dab of concealer to conceal your under-eye region and blemishes. Finish this office  with a lip stain on your lips and cheeks and voila!

The Heavy Blush Trend: Blush is a beauty staple but each year we see a different approach towards its application. We definitely leaned heavily on blush this year. The technique evolved as well, through the application of blush on the nose and the apple of the cheeks to create a youthful and sunkissed look. 


The Offbeat Mascara Hue Trend: This year we saw a couple of experiments in beauty trends and using offbeat mascara colours on lashes was one of the trendiest ones. Following eyeliners, this year the beauty industry ditched the conventional black and played around with the most flamboyant colours in mascaras; electric blue, metallic purple, deep emerald and neon pink to name a few.




The Floating Eyeliner Trend: The experimentation with eyes was only expected when most of the face was being covered by masks this year. Enter the floating eyeliner trend, another attempt to break the monotony from the usual eyeliner sticking to the lash line ritual. This trend is easy to pull-off and even easier to create. It took 2020 by storm and is likely to dominate the coming year as well. 


Celebrity make-up artiste Namrata Soni 

Fuller brows: Brows will be the centre of attention. Feathering up your brows are a great way to add texture and create a fuller brow. 


Coloured make-up: Experimenting with the brighter side of the colour wheel will be huge. I am talking pinks, yellows, oranges. Playing with different textures also like mattes, shimmers and glosses. 


Beauty influencer Samaira Sandhu  

Minimal makeup on the skin: The fact that safety masks are going nowhere in the near future means minimal makeup is here to stay. In order to achieve the best possible look and avoid discomfort due to the masks, powdered foundation must be used instead of the liquid one. Even otherwise, the use of makeup on the skin will possibly be minimized.  


Bold eyes but matte for the lips: While the safety mask covers most of the face, eyes are free to glow and dazzle. In order to make the most of them, eyes must be kept bold with nicely groomed eyebrows and charming eyelashes.  

However, the lips still remain under the safety mask most of the time so lipsticks must be chosen very wisely. Perhaps only matte lipsticks will be used for the lips to avoid smudging due to the mask.  

fuller brows


Thoroughly kempt hair: Keeping the hair well and neatly tied is how it’s probably going to be. With various possible styles such as the French-braid, the Dutch-braid etc, 2021 might just turn out to be the year of tied hair.  


Make-up artiste Saloni Gupta

Minimalist and subtle makeup practices: This will stay in vogue in 2021. Amongst the trends, there certainly will be glossy lips, bushy brushed natural brows and long-standing matte lipsticks. Yet, masks cover the rest of the face so eyes will be what people may choose to improvise with.

As the pandemic forces some people to leave their complicated makeup routine, some may still remain in their comfort zone and stick to bold lips, smoky eyes and well-made brows. 


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