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NRAI hosts Indian Restaurant Conclave 2022

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The portal would enable a simpler and speedier licencing process through a single window in 15 days

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

September 14, 2022 (IANSlife)The National Restaurant Association of India - NRAI - Hyderabad Chapter hosted Indian Restaurant Conclave 2022 (TIRC), at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC). During the event, the Hyderabad chapter of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) introduced the TS-iPASS portal, a first-of-its-kind application in India for the food service sector, in collaboration with the Commerce & Industries Department of the Telangana Government.

The portal would enable a simpler and speedier licencing process through a single window in 15 days, as opposed to the previous time span of 8 months. Making the procedure easier for aspiring hoteliers and restaurant operators, and thereby improving the region's ease of doing Food & Beverage business. The TS iPASS gateway will be available to kiosks, bakeries, cafes, and cloud kitchens in addition to restaurants, bars, and food outlets.

Kabir Suri, President, NRAI said, “Over the years, NRAI has been instrumental in resolving the pressing issues of the F&B Industry. It has evolved to its highest extent, and anyone involved in this business will understand that keeping up with the current trends is a key success factor.” He further added, “With changing demographics, evolving consumer behavior, and preferences, the demands have transformed the F&B industry. There is a continuous need to ensure food security with the growing population and the F&B industry is one of the vital ones, intertwined in the daily lives of people. A progressive approach by NRAI has alleviated these challenges of the changing times, poising the F&B sector to reach new heights.”

Chef Shankar Krishnamurthy, Chapter Head, NRAI, Hyderabad added “NRAI Hyderabad Chapter has been at the forefront of supporting restaurants of every size in the sector. Restaurants and food service businesses were some of the first economic activities severely impacted by the pandemic. Our chapter plays a key role in promoting skills and career opportunities for industry professionals through the ‘Hospitality Sector Skill Council. The launch of this new portal is in the right direction towards organizing this very important sector, which is in line with the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ program.”

“The idea for the Hyderabad conclave was not only to voice the need of the restaurants but also for anybody working in the Food & Beverages space. Being cognizant of the fact that the COVID -19 pandemic has had the biggest hit on the F&B industry. We understand that to stay afloat and thrive in this dynamic and competitive market, restaurants will need to keep up with the latest F&B trends by adopting new-age technology and elevating the dining experience. Through the conclave, we aim to put Hyderabad as a significant F&B destination by providing them with solutions that enhance ease of business” said, Shaaz Mehmood, Founder of NRAI, Hyderabad Chapter & Member, MC, NRAI- National

The Indian Restaurant Conclave 2022 honored Ali Hemmati of Paradise Food Court for making traditional Biryani a global phenomenon; Mohammad Abdul Majeed of Pista House for making Haleem a globally recognized delicacy; and Anumula Baburao of Café Niloufer for popularising Hyderabadi Irani Chai throughout the world.

The NRAI Hyderabad Chapter, with a determined resolve to give back to society, shed light on some of its impactful CSR initiatives. 'Mission Khana,' in line with child welfare and food security, provides 300 hot meals per day to the city's underprivileged children and homeless, with plans to scale up to 1000 hot meals per day, and 'Mission Kaam,' takes a critical stand to elevate the underprivileged sector in society and help create a skilled and employable workforce.





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