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ITC Maurya's gourmet delicacies a phone call away

ITC Maurya Gourmet couch

Make way for hearty indulgences with mindfully prepared traditional meals, safely delivered to your doorsteps by @ITCMaurya

By IANSlife

May 2, 2021 (IANSlife) It's back to the lockdown life, and many of us are celebrating a special occasion at home. Whether its a birthday or an anniversary, just because one is home sheltering and social distancing, that doesn't mean we have to give up the jubilation and merriment which comes surrounds a milestone. Celebrations always include an indulgent meal and some revelry. Why not up the ante with some fine dine and gourmet takeaway from ITC Maurya.

The leading hotel in the Capital city carefully crafts and safely delivers to you with the #WeAssure promise. Enjoy gourmet fare and regional specialities from the comfort of your home. If you're bored of self-cooked meals try the pizzas and pastas which work wonders, especially with the kids.


Make this Ramadan a gratifying experience, savouring a tantalizing array of festive special, carefully curated from the hotels special edition Biryani and Pulao Collection. For an Iftar feast order in the ‘Chemeen Pulao’, a time-honoured one pot preparation along with zesty accompaniments for a flavourful feast. Savour aromatic delicacies and iconic preparations crafted with utmost care and hygiene. Indulge in sumptuous and safe dining experiences.

Choose from our exclusively curated takeaway menu to enjoy delightful dining experiences with loved ones in your preferred settings.

For orders or queries, call - 011-26112233 or 011-66325152



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