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Introducing TV Dinners

TV Dinner

The ARAKU TV Dinner allows you to sample a variety of foods

By IANSlife

January 21, 2022 (IANSlife) Bangalore residents will be able to purchase a very fun set dinner developed by Chef Rahul Sharma via AirMenus beginning January 17. Perfectly portioned and ready for a binge-watching session.

In 1950s America, TV dinners became something of a craze. According to the narrative, Swanson & Sons, a frozen turkey firm, made a huge error in predicting the number of Thanksgiving turkey one year, resulting in a 260-ton surplus!

One of the founders remembered aircraft meal trays wondered what to do with their leftover turkey while they scratched their heads and looked for methods to put it to good use. Swanson repackaged the turkey, adding corn, bread stuffing, peas, and sweet potatoes to the mix. In its initial year of production, they reportedly sold over 10 million TV dinners!

But what made it a cultural phenomenon in the first place? They capitalised on the most recent craze to promote their frozen dinners: television. Swanson TV dinner trays were featured in the advertising, which represented a family seated around the television. "How to catch the early, early performance with an easy, simple dinner," the caption stated. That's the spirit we're carrying into 2022, to be honest!

So, how is ARAKU reinventing the American tradition?

Chef Rahul Sharma shares, "Our take on TV dinner is perfectly seasonal and wholesome. All the produce comes from urban farms within a 300 km radius, and certain key ingredients are from Araku, Andhra Pradesh. Plus, all the components of this meal are handmade and fresh! "

Adding, "The brand is essentially creating a five-course menu with drinks, which allows us to try out a variety of flavours. For example, you could start your dinner with Miso Chilli Popcorn before moving on to Udon Noodles with Fermented Chilli Sauce & Sesame. We also plan to update the menu on a weekly basis, so you'll always find something new when you come back.

Frequently, you will order a large piece of a main dish and possibly a salad, only to find yourself eating the same thing again. The ARAKU TV Dinner allows us to sample a variety of foods – including some of our favourites – all in one sitting. It becomes your fuss-free solution on days when you're busy and can't be bothered to scan through various possibilities to choose one."

Aditi Dugar, Chief Advisor at ARAKU Retail & Lifestyle, adds, "The TV Dinner is a nice way to shake up the mundane. We’re starting with set menus, but we hope to scale it up and make it a part of everyday life. such that it allows our diners to choose what goes in their custom-made TV dinner! Let them pick and choose items off the menu that they’d like to try, tailor-making their very own box. "

Priced at Rs 1,500, available through the week, via AirMenus platform



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