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India's leading bars raise funds for employees

30BestBarsIndia raises funds for bar employees

In a crowd-funding platform, 30BestBarsIndia, aims to support bar employees across the country affected by the economic crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic

By Puja Gupta

May 20, 2020 (IANSlife) The bar industry of India is expected to be amongst the last of the businesses that would be allowed to open after the nationwide lockdown is lifted. And even after it resumes operations, it will be a long time before for patrons to return to bars in large numbers.

The resulting loss of revenue would mean loss of jobs or pay cut for thousands of bar workers across the country. 

30BestBarsIndia, the ranking and awards platform for India’s bars, has started an initiative called ‘Bar Fuel’ which aims to raise funds to support bar employees across the country who are affected by the economic crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Vikram Achanta, co-founder of30BestBarsIndia, said: "In our opinion, bars that have actively focused on building their fan base and will find their community coming back to support them. Bars which survive this crisis will also realise we feel the importance of building a strong community and also, more importantly, a personal connection with their patrons.”

Bars all over India who need assistance can register on The details of each bar are then made available to public and corporate donors on the site. Donors have the option of supporting one bar or multiple bars of their choice directly by clicking the Donate Now button against the name and picture of each bar. 

19 bars have already registered on the Bar Fuel site including IFBA (Indian Flair Bartenders Association), Sidecar in Delhi, Together at 12th in Gurgaon, Perch and Leaping Windows in Mumbai, and The Grid in Kolkata. 

Bar Fuel has raised more than Rs 5 lakh on the platform out of the initial target of raising Rs 50 lakh. Mumbai bar Leaping Windows is the largest recipient of the donations so far on. 


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