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A French Culinary Journey

A French Culinary Journey awaits you at a new address: PAUL at Select CITYWALK, New Delhi

At PAUL's new address at Select CITYWALK, New Delhi

By IANSlife

March 13, 2023 (IANSlife A French restaurant with a stellar reputation around the world, PAUL's recent launch in the Capital's Select CITYWALK's food and beverage selection, is a step in the direction of the brand's mission is to build meaningful experiences around wholesome, premium, and swoon-worthy products. 

The renowned French restaurant noted for its all-around ambiance, meticulous service, and cuisine will debut with a unique menu created especially for the premium location. With a focus on the finest and freshest ingredients, obtained both domestically and abroad, the brand has long been renowned for its signature menu, which was influenced by European cuisine. One can indulge in a delicious selection of coffee, hot chocolate, viennoiseries, salads, soups, quiches, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, risottos, and many other delicacies with an artistic spin in this place. Additionally, the company emphasizes and upholds the "Eating Well" philosophy. They only use natural, additive-free, and colorless basic materials.

Commenting on the launch, Yogeshwar Sharma, CEO & Executive Director of Select CITYWALK said, “We are delighted to launch PAUL at Select CITYWALK and bring their signature cuisine to the shopping center. In the past year or so, the brand has earned a stellar name and has great consumer affinity. Our aim has always been to offer a diverse curation in hospitality to our visitors and PAUL is distinctive in its offerings. Partnering with such brands to create exclusive and authentic experiences allows us to keep the experience fresh for all our visitors."

Payal Singh, Head of Marketing - PAUL said, "PAUL has 133 years of French lineage that embodies rich history and tradition. With the expansion of our business, we are thrilled to bring the taste of France to our customers in India. We are known for our bakery, pastries, viennoiserie, and other iconic French dishes, and we are here to restore PAUL's traditional taste with new inventions. With this launch, we hope to serve South Delhi's most dynamic and happening neighborhood. Whether it's a romantic dinner, an intimate celebration, or a casual meal with friends, PAUL is the perfect destination. We are confident that this restaurant will be recognized as one of the most prestigious and premium French casual dining establishments in the entire Northern Territory. We invite everyone to embark on a culinary journey through the heart of France by visiting our new outlet at Select CITYWALK, Saket.



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