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Elevating drinking experience, not in quantity but in quality

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Wine Sommelier advises limiting the wine glass collection to two distinct styles—a broad and tall glass and a wider one, then experimenting with different wines in those glasses

By IANSlife

March 14, 2024 (IANSlife"The impact of glass size on a notable wine is quite remarkable. When you take a bold, aged wine, which is rich in flavours and structure, and pour it into a small glass, then switch it to a larger glass, you notice the difference almost instantly. The change is evident in the refinement of aromas; their enhanced appreciation becomes palpable," says Magandeep Singh, Lucaris Crystal brand influencer. 

In its most recent event, Magandeep Singh, a well-known wine sommelier collaborates with Lucaris Crystal, a luxury Thai glassware brand for wine and spirits, to elevate the wine-tasting experience to a new level.

In an exclusive conversation with IANSlife, Singh, an expert in wine and glassware, discusses how using the appropriate glass for the drink may enhance the drinking experience.

Read an excerpt:

Could you share the story of how your collaboration with Lucaris came about, and what attracted you to work with this brand?

MS: The collaboration stemmed from a prior alignment and mutual appreciation between Lucaris and me on various projects. We both value our approach to work, emphasising attention to quality and detail. Lucaris is a brand impeccably suited for the Indian market. It is truly a subject I find delight in promoting and discussing, simply because I believe it possesses all the necessary elements to thrive as a successful brand in India. This partnership presents an opportunity to shed light on these attributes, making Lucaris an engaging topic for conversations. 


As a certified sommelier, you have a deep understanding of wine and glassware. How do you think Lucaris glassware enhances the wine-tasting experience?

MS: Well, it is an intriguing debate whether it is the science behind the glass shape or the aesthetic allure that enhances our sensory experience. Wine appreciation can be perceived as a blend of science and art, especially when considering how the shape of a glass impacts the wine-tasting experience. At its core, indulging in food and drink initially engages our senses. When presented with an aesthetically pleasing glass, the experience begins on a heightened note. That is the true essence of glassware. While there are undeniable scientific underpinnings to these glasses’ functionality, the immediate visual appeal contributes significantly to our overall perception, setting the stage for an elevated experience from the onset.


In today's digital age, how are you leveraging digital platforms to educate and engage wine enthusiasts about the importance of glassware in wine tasting?

MS: Absolutely, digital is the buzzword, and we have embraced this realm with our exclusive series ‘A Glass Apart in collaboration with Lucaris and Magandeep Singh’. Through this series, we aim to educate individuals about the diverse world and nuances of glassware, emphasising the benefits of crystal and delving into various glass types. Though the series is relatively new, about three or four episodes in, it is gaining substantial traction. We are delighted to see good engagement levels, receiving numerous inquiries from both consumers and trade communities. The plan is to continue addressing these queries in the forthcoming episodes, ensuring a steady stream of valuable content for our audience. So, yes, our digital efforts have been quite successful thus far.


Please shed some light on the educational masterclasses you conducted with Lucaris glassware. How has it helped the brand till now?

MS: We took the concept of ‘A Glass Apart’ on the ground as educational masterclasses. These sessions involve tasting premium wines transferred from standard glasses to Lucaris stemware specifically designed for distinct wine styles. The experience itself is a testament to its efficacy. Through this exercise, the need to persuade attendees about the enhancement and the explanation behind it is nil; they can sense and taste the difference themselves. These classes occur monthly, with a limited attendance of only 14 seats, maintaining an exclusive and sought-after status. Attendees appreciate and enjoy these sessions, arriving punctually, and the response has been exceedingly positive.


Glassware has a significant influence on the wine-drinking experience, a fact that might not be widely recognized. Could you share your strategy for raising awareness and altering this perception among consumers?

MS: You know, education starts right at home. So, the first thing that I did was change my glassware. I replaced all my glassware with Lucaris stemware. The remarkable difference it made became evident when people tried wines in those glasses. They realised that not only did it elevate good or great wines, but it even enhanced the experience of mediocre wine. Consequently, they would inquire about the glassware to elevate their own wine experience at home.

The biggest reason they do not buy multiple glasses is because of space constraints due to the unique design of Lucaris glassware. Thus, I advise on which glassware to get so that they can have a party of four and enjoy the wines in a much more ameliorated fashion, a higher level of experience than they used to before.


Your collaboration with Lucaris represents a fusion of wine expertise and quality glassware. How do you see this collaboration impacting the wine and glassware industry as a whole?

MS: What I see in this collaboration is a union of two like-minded identities. Our shared vision revolves around enriching the art of drinking and cherishing the delight of quality alcohol enjoyed together. We are steadfast in this belief and focused on promoting it. And the impact, in our view, transpires sip by sip, person by person. Our dedication lies in gradually enlightening people about the significance of using quality glassware to complement good drinks.


What advice or recommendations would you give to wine enthusiasts who wish to enhance their wine-tasting experience using the right glassware?

MS: Selecting quality glassware is akin to paving smoother roads for a better drive. Great glassware significantly enhances the enjoyment and quality of the wine you taste. It promotes a more refined approach to drinking, steering away from binge consumption. As I said, our focus remains on elevating the drinking experience, not in quantity but in quality. Glassware becomes an integral part by stimulating not just the visual and tactile senses but also adding an auditory element when clinked just right. It is a sensory experience and an essential part of appreciating any tactile product.


As the wine industry evolves, how do you envision the future of wine appreciation and the role of glassware in that evolution?

MS: First of all, invest in good glasses. Get Lucaris stemware because it is very well priced, very durable, and it will not break on you, which is why your investment is safe. And don't buy too many, limit your collection to two distinct styles—a broad and tall glass and a wider one. Then experiment with different wines in these glasses.

The second most important piece of advice is to always keep the glasses clean. After you have had wine in them, wash them that same evening. Washing them immediately after use prevents staining and ensures longevity. Just these small housekeeping practices will ensure you have a great time with your glassware for a long time, allowing you to derive continued pleasure from your glassware.


Lastly, what is your favorite Lucaris glassware collection, and could you share a memorable wine experience that involved using these glasses?

MS: I like the ones with the Aerlumer® innovation—Desire Collection. It adds a little extra ripple to the wine as you swirl it. It looks pretty. I love how it converges and then opens up the shape and it is a conversation starter. Whenever I take those glasses out, they draw attention, making people curious to know more. And at the end of the day, that is what we want—people talking about quality glassware, and Lucaris Desire gets that going very quickly.




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