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Akshay Kumar in a Triple Role?

Akshay Kumar in a triple role

Has the actor been roped in as the face of a masaledar treat?

By IANSlife Features

February 13, 2020 (IANSlifeTriple the fun with Khiladi Kumar? The celebrity posted a picture of him ecstatically holding what seems look like a piece of the snack Kurkure. 

Akshay is seen in triple generation avatars portraying himself as a young lad, a father and a grandfather. This is the first time that Akshay is seen playing a triple role. There are speculations that if not a movie, Akshay kumar could be endorsing the brand. The snack brand, has positioned itself as a family entertainer, and is known for lining up a multitude of celebrities in the past. Akshay's popularity and sense of humour compliments the crispy and tangy flavour of the brand.

Is Kurkure sending a message that the treat is a family favourite or could it be a sign that Akshay’ is set to star in his most masaledar role for the year?

Queries sent to the brand have gone unanswered. With a handful of projects that Akshay is working on currently and yet another exciting role up his sleeve, fans could be in for a completely loaded year of their favourite entertainer.



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