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7 healthy snacks to munch on while working from home

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Eat healthy to keep your calories in check

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

May 1, 2021 (IANSlifeWe know that working from home is here to stay, owing to yet another if not deadlier Covid-19 wave. Home sheltering can make us crave carb-heavy or fat-loaded snacks, we must remember that eating healthy is the only way to keep our immunity in check.

It is certainly tricky to select from a wide range of ‘healthy’ tagged packaged foods, here’s a list of seven lip-smacking snacks to munch on while you work from home!

Gooey Filled Cookie 
Set to change your snacking game forever, the cookie is baked to perfection with deliciously rich dough and oozing a smooth indulgent filling. The cookies come packed with 20g of protein to help you reach your daily protein requirement. A perfect way to keep cravings in check while supporting training goals. Being fibre-rich, they are a great addition to a balanced diet without any meal prep.

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Maniarrs Khakhra
The common go-to Gujarati snack relished throughout the world, the khakhras by Maniarrs are healthy and made primarily of ragi with multiple flavours and spices combinations. A new taste every day is ensured in its eight different variety combo pack.

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The Healthy Cravings Co Roasted Makhana
Fox nuts or makhanas are dubbed as a great source of calcium. Coming as fat-free, these fox nuts are an ideal snack when you experience sudden hunger pangs at work or while studying. It also keeps your blood pressure in control.

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Myprotein 6 Layered Protein Bar
Myprotein’s another recent release, the 6 Layered Protein Bar, features six layers of taste and texture to provide a hit of protein, carbohydrates, and fibre. Packed with over 20g of protein, essential minerals calcium and copper, these mouth-watering treats are the ideal way to upgrade your healthy snacking.

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Keeros Snack Pack
Popular among the Indian audience, given its nutritional value, this super snack has high fibre, high energy, good for your heart and bones. It keeps your cholesterol in control and even helps you in losing weight. A great snack option for those suffering from diabetes.

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Grammingway Ragi Diet Chips
Craving for chips but not the fried ones? Ragi chips by Graminway are a healthy substitute to potato chips, being low in cholesterol and fat, these chips are made of ragi flour, vegetable oil and tapioca starch combined with the necessary spices. Munching these flavour-packed crunchy snacks in between your main meals keeps the hunger pangs away.

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The Green Snack Co 
The Green Snack Co vouches on spreading healthy, tasty and authentic foods. Offering a range of flavourful snacks made with the goodness of Quinoa, Kale leaves and some super Grains, the brand offers puffs, crisps, stix, and more. It is definitely a healthy snacking option. So #BingeOnGreen.

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