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A 10 day Kashmiri food festival

Kashmiri Wazwan

The Westin Gurgaon New Delhi hosts 'Sair-e-Kashmir'

By IANSlife

January 20, 2023 (IANSlife) The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi,  offers another another epicurean voyage of genuine foods from Kashmir's stunning snow-capped valleys. After a very successful pop-up of the same food festival in January 2021, the hotel invited renowned expert Waza, Chef Tariq Ahmed from Srinagar to curate a second 12-day culinary symphony with a traditional Kashmiri food festival called "Sair-e-Kashmir" from January 24, 2023, to February 4, 2023, at its all-day dining restaurant, Seasonal Tastes.

The guest master chef will create meals steeped with the richness of the essential spices of Kashmiri cuisine—cinnamon, cardamom, chilli, and saffron—using the best organic ingredients flown in from the valley. Kashmiri food is regarded as an artistic creation that combines a variety of flavours, spices, freshness, and lingering scents. The uniqueness of the cuisine resides in its fundamental tenet that it takes a great deal of commitment and passion. It must be prepared using a moderate, continuous heat that helps the food retain its flavour and nutrients.

Speaking on the occasion, Chef Anurudh Khanna, Multi Property Executive Chef for The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi and The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa said,” Kashmiri cuisine is more than just food - it's a celebration of life. Along with Kashmir's natural beauty and fine products, its cuisine is also celebrated as special. Through all our pop-ups and culinary festivals, we try to present various cuisines in modern ways without compromising on the integrity of the cuisine. We have curated this festival with our guest Chef Tariq Ahmed- renowned for creating age-old authentic recipes; to give our guests an opportunity to relish the taste of one of the most loved cuisines- Kashmiri food which is simple, full of flavours but rich in taste, with ingredients that play beautifully with your taste buds and leave an enhancing experience. The spices and the ingredients used in Kashmiri cooking such as dried Kashmiri chillies, dry cockscomb flower, turmeric etc. will be native to the valley which our guest chef is bringing along with him from his homeland, to create the same taste.”

The traditional Kashmiri non-vegetarian signature dishes will include Rista (meatballs in a fiery red gravy), Gushtaba (a velvety textured meatball in white yogurt gravy), Tabak maaz (ribs of lamb simmered in yogurt till tender, then fried), Lahabi kabab (flattened mutton kababs cooked in yogurt), Waza Chicken (two halves or two full chicken cooked whole), Rogan josh (tender lamb cooked with Kashmiri spices), Mutton Yakhni (delicately spiced yogurt mutton curry) and much more. For the vegetarian palate, there will be dishes like Tamatar Chhaman (cottage cheese squares with tomato gravy), Chok Wangan (baingan/ eggplant in a tangy yogurt gravy), Dum Kashmiri Aloo (potatoes cooked in yogurt gravy), Nadru Yakhni (lotus root with mild aromatic spices in a yogurt gravy).  Zesty chutneys like Mooli akhrot chutney (a sharp radish and walnut chutney) and traditional Zirish ki chutney (spicy dried black currants and red chilly chutney) will add zing to the palate.  

Ending the meal on a sweet note, will be the fragrant flavour packed Zafrani Phirni, a dessert made with rice, milk and saffron - promising a feast for the senses. Guests may complete their Kashmiri journey with Kahwa, an aromatic traditional Kashmiri green tea made with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and cardamom, that will transport them to the land where heaven meets Earth - the valleys of Kashmir.  

The culinary magic from Kashmir is sure to offer a gastronomic experience one will savor forever. Join in to relish the richness and redolence of the flavors and spices.

When: Everyday, 24th January until 04th February, 2023, for Lunch and Dinner

Where: Seasonal tastes at The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi



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