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What's all the fuss about?

Photo: instagram

A look at Urfi Javed's outfits

By IANSlife

January 15, 2023 (IANSlife) OTT Bigg Boss fame, Urfi Javed's caught in the middle of a 'Bold attire' row. The social media influencer was summoned by the Mumbai Police to record her statement in connection with a complaint lodged by Maharashtra BJP Vice-President Chitra Wagh, alleging 'public indecency'.

Javed never fails to draw attention to herself with her clothing choices. Call them "bold", over the top, scandalous or just non conformist, the actress has gained notoriety for her unique sense of style. Not one to fear her critics, she loves to experiment with different looks. Here is a rundown of and a few illustrations of what all the fuss is about!



Urfi created a costume with wire, constructing a cut-out outfit which wrapped neatly around her body. 


She had blades sewed together to create a dress which seemed lethal. 


Here, the fashionista chose a cape and skirt made of vibrant ropes.


A strapless dress made of polaroids and photographs, featuring who else but herself... Narcissistic much?



This is what wrapped in florals looks like, as Urfi Javed choose vibrant flowers to cover herself leaving little to the imagination. 



A 20 kg garment made of shattered glass, one can't help but notice the creativity that goes into the ensemble. 


A black see-through co-ord set featured a maxi skirt and tube bralette top. She slipped a matching sheer lace mask over her face, and completed the look with her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

(Photo source: instagram)


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