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Tribal jewellery is trending

Tribal jewelry

Switch your style to something stark, silver and ethnic

By Puja Gupta

July 18, 2021 (IANSlife) Fashion styles are moving towards tribal ethnic and offbeat silver adornments. Tribal styles from pendants, neckbands, jhumkas and avant garde rings recount a story - and they're in vogue this season.

Brilliant tones, strong pieces, a ton of wood, ceramic, zebra and giraffe prints, earth tones, trade beads and statement pieces are essential for the truly "ethnic" vibe.

With regards to jewellery, customarily, Indians have a propensity to select gold. Be that as it may, this season, there's a reason you ought to pick tribal. It's reasonable, doesn't need not be put in storage and adds a ton of style. Ashish Vijay, Co-Founder & CFO, Miorah shares reasons to change up your look with this glamorous style:

  • Silver jewellery is more moderate and preference for tribal adornments with intriguing designs is gaining in popularity as it  complimets every day wear.
  • Tribal jewellery has an unmistakable gritty allure. The uncommonness of ethnic adornments, is valued by many in light of the fact that it contrasts from traditionally produced jewellery.
  • In contrast to gold, it can be easily kept at home
  • Tribal jewellery is flexible to the point that is can be effortlessly worn at any occasion or event and at any time

Embracing silver for different events can lift your look in a split second. For conventional trips, choose oxidized silver gems and look great. Silver jhumkas and ancestral neckbands will give you an edge. For tasteful evening, settle on modest adornments like silver studs, drop hoops and delicate arm bands.


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