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Summer lingerie essentials

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Opt for lighter hues for lingerie to ensure you stay cool amid the strides of summer

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

April 16, 2021 (IANSlifeThe summer heat has already started to bog one down, as temperatures soar high, your body also starts perspiring due to excessive heat. This is why you should ideally opt for lighter and breathable fabrics that make you feel cooler, and also reduce the incidence of any heat rashes or skin irritation. It's time to refresh your drawers full of intimates with a few must-haves for the season. 

Are you confused about what to start with? Try these summer-friendly lingerie styles by Zivame:


Make way for Summer in flashy floral prints!

Start flaunting the quirkiest of your bra collection. Wear brighter shades and floral prints for starters. These look super fresh and feminine when worn on bright sunny days or even under the evening sun.

Consider trying out some of funky floral prints that can be easily worn with any outfit of your choice. Team them with a casual open back dress or a strappy summer top in racerback style. A floral printed peek-a-boo is bound to add a super fresh, springtime exuberance to your entire look!


Show it off, go Strapless! 

You love shoulder-baring dresses, don’t you? But the sight of those ugly bra straps peeking and poking on your shoulders is horrific. Flaunt your shoulders without having to worry about the straps – with the strapless bras! 

These bras are designed to hold your breasts in place without the aid of straps and come with high-quality adhesive that gently sticks to your skin and are designed to stay put all day. You can also pair them with transparent straps that allow multiway styling. Get a perfect demi coverage and a gentle lift before you head out for your next date night.


Get sporty, stay fit!

Most women have complained about how difficult it is to train in the boiling heat because of incessant sweating and prolonged discomfort. But sports bras crafted with sweat-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable during heavy physical workouts. 


Detox with coconuts, relax in Cottons!

Staying home to avoid a tan? Well, grab a glass of coconut water, slip into one of our Underwired Cotton Bras and enjoy your cool and calm zen space with some happy music. Nothing compliments summer weather more than comfy cottons, so stock up on a few cotton lingerie and sleepwear pieces. They are fuss-free, lightweight and moisture-absorbent, so, you stay cool and relaxed all day long. 




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