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Pick your statement style

Pick your statement style

Jewellery can speak volumes about personality, especially if you have a statement piece you like to carry

By Siddhi Jain

November 9, 2019 (IANSlifeStatement jewellery has grown as an integral part of trend styling. Their eye-catchy and unique designs are attracting the attention of the younger independent generation looking  to experiment with their styles.

Leshna Shah, founder and creative head of jewellery brand IRASVA, gives styling tips to people looking for a statement piece.

“Indian women are getting more experimental with jewellery like current ongoing trends are hoops, stackable and cocktail rings, multi-strand bracelets and chains. They are moving away from the traditional heavy jewellery and focusing on everyday wear jewellery,” she told IANSlife.

1. Business formals 

Stud earrings with a minimalistic pendant would go flawless with a formal look.

2. Casual formals

Diamond rings with dainty bracelets and light danglers are the perfect companion for casual formal outfits.

3. Light Indian ethnic wear

Stackable bangles and rings along with hooped earrings in colored stones and diamonds can amp up your ethnic outfit. 

4. Sarees, heavier-set Indian suits

Heavy diamond necklaces, bangles and dangler earrings are perfect to go with their beauty. 

5. Dresses and jumpsuits

The best way to accessorize yourself with a casual outfit is to wear basic minimal jewellery such as stackable bracelets, or just a pair of hoops with a few rings.

6. Everyday wear like jeans and t-shirt

Simple big hoops or a dainty pendant can really brighten your everyday look.


IRASVA Mumbai store launch
IRASVA Mumbai store launch


IRASVA Mumbai store launch
IRASVA Mumbai store launch


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