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Parineeti Chopra to sing her first song for a film

Parineeti Chopra

In her upcoming film opposite Diljeet Dosanjh

By IANSlife

March 16, 2023 (IANSlifeThe recently concluded LFW X FCI event in Mumbai saw a lot go Bollywood glamour both on and off the runway. While many say it is a return to pre pandemic days, others say that fashion has gone back to a time in the business when stars overpowered fashion and collections were sidelined. 

Be that as it may, from amongst the bevy of beauties at the event, we got a rare sighting of actress Parineeti Chopra who walked the runway for designer Ritika Mirchandani. Chopra was a picture of elegance when she stopped the show, in a shimmering, white, long, fitted, skirt with a high slit, matching bralette teamed with a structured-shoulders long-sleeved, heavily, embellished, floor-length jacket.

The “Fair La Fete” collection, was a homage to joyful fashion at Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI. 

Parineeti speaks about her upcoming project to IANSlife: 

Talent or hard work, what do you think is stronger our more important?

Chopra: Neither of them can exist without the other, you could be very talented but if you don't put in the work it's going to take you nowhere and without talent sometimes you can work very hard and take yourself a long way, so I think they both are intervened and I always believe they go together.

Any upcoming project that's very close to your heart?

Chopra: I recently finished shooting a film called Chamkila with Diljeet, directed by Imtiaz and I am very excited about it, because it's the first time that I will be singing in a film. It's a very important biopic about the greatest Punjabi singer of all time and it's really close to my heart.

What's your take on fashion?

Chopra: I never really follow trends as I really don't understand fashion as much. I am always a sneaker and comfort dressing girl and I think I will continue being that.

What is your go to style and what makes you happy when it comes to fashion?

Chopra: A white t-shirt, blue shorts and white sneakers is something what I would like to wear at my own wedding. So, you can imagine how much I love it.




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