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Maintain hygiene while you bling it on

Maintaining jewellery hygiene

Don't let the lockdown come in the way of sporting your favourite gem or bauble

By Aditi Roy

May 13, 2020 (IANSlife) Jewellery is an integral part of Indian fashion and tradition. Almost all of us wear a trinket or two in our daily lives, even the ones who aren't big fans of baubles.

In the recent awakening of the Coronavirus and increasing heat and humidity of the summer season, it is essential for us to take care of our jewellery, clean and sanitise it to maintain hygiene.
If you’re worried about missing a spot on the hand that is covered by your favourite jewel, then here’s a quick guideline shared by Milind Mathur, Creative Director & Partners, Kohinoor Jewellers to relieve you of that stress.


Cleaning and sanitising your jewellery:

  • Amidst the 20 seconds hand wash routine, ensure to get the skin underneath adorned jewellery
  • Pull your rings till 1/3rd of your finger, wash and push it back
  • Cover wrists while washing without fail and get areas of bracelets too
  • Utilise the extra time to clean jewels as well


Maintain your Jewellery:

Identify and sort jewels for easy accessibility

  • Segregate your jewels as per your preference. It could be into 2 sections such as – daily wear & occasional wear or in 4 sections such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. 
  • Stack them in different boxes & label the lids or place them separately in different units inside a jewellery box.


Sort and display jewels for easy visibility

  • All bracelets / bangles can easily be compiled in a hanger 
  • All rings can be easily be jutted in thermocol / hard foam sheet, placed horizontally
  • All earrings can also be plugged into a hard foam sheet and placed vertically
  • All necklaces can be packed in zip locks depending on the size. 


Pst Pst: Thin pieces can be segregated by passing it through a half a straw or so & then closing it, for convenient spotting and avoiding tangles/knots.


Other Tips:

  • Use butter paper or transparent zip locks to prevent scratches
  • Store jewellery in a dry place with moderate temperature to avoid tarnishing
  • String all rings together in one chain to save space
  • Always keep pushers locked with the earring to avoid losing them


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