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The lockdown kaftan is back!

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January 6, 2022 (IANSlifeEveryone is now revenge vacationing as we go into the holiday season, making up for all the wasted time! We have the perfect collection for your Holiday Looks to help you with your travel needs! Pinklay is the perfect way to show off your comfort and passion for easy-going style.

Blue long kaftan and Indigo short kaftan
Blue long kaftan and Indigo short kaftan

Pinklay is a Mumbai-based lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing Indian handicrafts to the forefront. The brand collaborates with local artisans to make gorgeous objects that combine traditional and modern patterns in surprising ways to appeal to the proud owner of a home.

It offers you ethically made, handcrafted clothing that exudes elegance. It's specialty is comfort, therefore they provide sophisticated yet dreamlike styles made of 100 percent organic cotton. Their designs are made to express stories inspired by natural materials, varied crafts, and cultures, and are firmly based in a colour palette that is current, sophisticated, and authentic. Each one-of-a-kind item is meant to spark a conversation and evoke memories.

Pink short kaftan and teal blue kaftan
Pink short kaftan and teal blue kaftan

They try to be a sustainable company, using only natural fabrics and avoiding synthetic materials, leather, and plastic. It is concerned about its environmental impact, which is represented not only in its goods but across the entire value chain, from manufacturing to packing. Furthermore, the company advocates gender equality and encourages women to work in the mainstream to make a decent livelihood.


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