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Gentleman it's time to paint the town red

Photo source: instagram

With these fashionable options

By Olivia Sarkar

February 18, 2024 (IANSlife) Dressing to impress, consider how some of the trendiest men in Bollywood make an impression with a bold colour like red. 

Ayushmann Khurrana


Go retro like Ayushmann and pair a bright red shirt with high-waisted jeans and a graphic pattern.


Rohit Saraf


Look like the hottest new thing in town, this boy newt door look works with a red shirt worn over vest and pants.


Nick Jonas


Pop icon fashion means head to toe red, pair an all red outfit with plenty of jewellery and accessories to ace the look.


Rajkummar Rao


Wearing a red suit will makes a formal impression like no other.


Sidharth Malhotra


Look all spiffy by opting for a sporty suit teamed over a red shirt and casual sneakers. 


Varun Dhawan


Varun's colorful and stylish outfit, includes a faded denim jacket in red, white t-shirt, and sneakers.

(Photo source: instagram)



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