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Your new social media Avatar

Facebook launches Avatars in India

A a cartoon version of you for your social media profile ?

By IANSlife Features

July 1, 2020 (IANSlifeFacebook today launched Avatars in India. With much of our social interaction these days are taking place online, it’s a way to be able to express yourself personally on the social media platform.

Avatars allow you to create a digital persona that’s uniquely representative of you and enables you to share a range of emotions and expressions in a fun and personalised way.

The Avatar, is a cartoon-like version of themselves by choosing from a variety of faces, hairstyles and outfits that have been specially customised for India. One will also be able to use the Avatar in Facebook comments, stories, your profile picture and Facebook Messenger chat windows and can even share it on WhatsApp chats.

To create your avatar, use your mobile device and go to the Facebook or Messenger comment composer, click on the “smiley” button, and then the sticker tab. Click “Create Your Avatar”! Or find the avatar creator in the Bookmarks section in your Facebook app. (Note: Avatar creation from Messenger is currently only available on Android, but will be rolled on iOS soon.)



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