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Women have to compromise between career, relationship and family reveals survey

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Bumble Reveals ‘Reality Gap’ Highlighting Continued Discrepancies for Women with 2023 State of the Nation Report

By IANSlife

March 19, 2023 (IANSlifeWomen and men in India are improving in equality, but women are still way behind men, reveal findings by Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, in their annual State of the Nation report.

Based on a survey of approximately 2500 Indians (18+) around the current state of equality within dating and relationships, careers, gender, finances and more, findings support a “reality gap”, highlighting a difference in what people surveyed think and believe vs. what is experienced in real life with 32 percent of Gen Z surveyed saying in India, women are still way behind men. 

Gender Equality
The report found that 95 percent of respondents agree on the definition of gender equality that men and women are equal, and should be given equal opportunities in all things. Additionally, 95 percent of survey respondents agreed that improving women’s rights also makes the world a better place for everyone. That said, the majority (84 percent) of respondents, including 87 percent of women surveyed, say that women have to compromise between career, relationship and family in a way men don’t.

Career Equality
Within the survey, Bumble also found discrepancies between what people expect versus what is experienced in the workforce. The survey showed that 89 percent of women respondents agree that inequality in childcare roles leads to inequality in career achievements. 
Additionally, nearly 4 in 5 (73 percent ) of total respondents - male respondents at 68 percent and women respondents at 76 percent - say taking maternity leave disadvantages women’s career prospects. 84 percent of respondents including 86 percent of women respondents and 81 percent of male respondents - say mothers feel more guilty spending time at work to further their careers than fathers do.

Financial Equality
Findings also show that the majority (86 percent) of respondents say the lack of financial independence is a major reason women stay in unhappy relationships and 87 percent of respondents also said social structures/systems make women financially dependent on men. 

“Bumble was built on the importance of equitable relationships and how crucial they are to a healthy, happy life,” said Charley Webb, Bumble’s Chief Customer Officer. “Since day one, we have been committed to addressing women’s inequalities in relationships, and will continue to create spaces where women have a safer, kinder and more equal experience online.”

To support the closing of these gaps, the App is supporting a group of Next Movers, including Faiza Ruksar Ali from India, who are emerging women in leadership at organisations leading the charge for equity and empowerment.



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