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Sixth edition of the Jazz India Circuit set for Gurugram

Sixth edition of the Jazz India Circuit set for Gurugram

Performances by Darshan Doshi Trio, Matteo Fraboni Trio, and Aditi Ramesh’s trio

By Sukant Deepak

March 18, 2023 (IANSlifeAfter a gap of three years, the sixth edition of Jazz India Circuit will take place on  March 19 at Gurugram. This year, the jazz festival will have performances by the Darshan Doshi Trio, the Matteo Fraboni Trio, and Aditi Ramesh’s trio. 

Avik Roy, Senior Executive Producer, Teamwork Arts, said, “We are thrilled to finally bring back the Jazz India Circuit after a gap of three years. JIC has always been a platform to showcase the best of Indian and international jazz. Renowned artistes including Dave Weckl, Louis Banks, Stanley Jordan, Jamison Ross, Jojo Mayer and many will be on the stage... JIC 2023 features a power-packed triple headliner line-up with three trios, led by two drummers and one vocalist respectively. We have The Darshan Doshi Trio, Aditi Ramesh's Trio, & Italian drummer Matteo Fraboni's Trio – their performances will showcase a variety of jazz music: classic jazz, fusion of jazz and Carnatic music, and jazz with drum and bass music. As a music lover, this is one night you surely cannot afford to miss.”




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