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Rare and Exquisite Crafts from Remote Villages of India


A collaboration between designers and artisans

By IANSlife

January  21, 2023 (IANSlife) A display that features rare, exquisite, and richly deserving of a platform to highlight craftsmen from India's hidden corners has been put together by Tarasha Artisan Direct. This is an endeavour to help these artists be able to continue their financial situation after the pandemic.

In the exhibition, artists from Kashmir to Kutch, Kerala, the North East, and Karnataka will each present their culture and expertise via their arts and crafts.


On clothing, one can find wonderful examples of traditional crafts like Lambadi from Tamil Nadu and Kasuti, a rare and vanishing embroidery from Dharwad in Karnataka. For those with an interest in architecture or interior design, there will be a variety of intriguingly created and curated items, including rugs, leather lamps, and home temples.


The main objective is to use design to change the widespread traditional impression of Indian crafts and craftspeople.

Additionally, a "Design Showcase" area showcasing the results of the collaboration between designers and artisans as well as seminars and performances providing a window into the fascinating world of the handcrafted will be present.


Event Dates - 20th to 22nd January 2023
Time – 11am to 8pm

Venue - The Vintage Garden in Bandra, Mumbai.

Entry- Free


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