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NFT-based art and collectibles at Art Basel Miami

Photo: Pixabay

“The Gateway”: Featuring music and art in celebration of a new era of NFT innovation

By IANSlife

November 24, 2021 (IANSlife) nft now, the leading web3 digital media platform for NFT coverage, curation, and analysis, has announced a collaboration with leading auction house Christie’s to host an exclusive exhibition of NFT-based art and collectibles at Art Basel Miami.

The registered public will have the opportunity to experience "The Gateway" on December 3rd (11am-3pm ET), a one-of-a-kind sensory experience in downtown Miami featuring music and art in celebration of a new era of NFT innovation.

The goal of "The Gateway" is to bring the worlds of conventional fine art and new media together to show how they may coexist. nft now and Christie's will transform one of Miami's many financial office buildings into a reimagined 23,000 square-foot gallery where guests can view a curated collection of pieces from the world's top NFT creators, as well as physical pieces from some of the space's leading artists, for this one-of-a-kind activation. Many items will be auctioned off, allowing guests to participate in the new economy that makers are establishing.

"The Gateway" will be set up as an immersive maze that will take visitors on an audiovisual adventure. Guests will begin their journey in an unassuming business lobby before exiting the elevators high above the Miami Harbor and exploring multiple rooms with a broad assortment of artwork.

To help lead the experience, nft has hand-picked a lineup of the most creative NFT developers and coveted musicians to provide the event's soundtrack. The work of these forward-thinking artists will be displayed on immersive screens around the venue, with a live performance and primary showcase in the exhibition's centre. At the event, SuperRare, BlockParty, and Ronnie K. Pirovino will be selling art, and chosen pieces from SeedPhrase and 33NFT's collections will be on display, as well as a very special drop from digital collectable powerhouse, RECUR. MoonPay, a financial technology business that provides crypto payment infrastructure, and Blockparty, an NFT marketplace and storefront platform, are both supporting the event.

"The Gateway" is an outgrowth of nft now's ambition to reimagine how creators and their communities share in the value they generate. In commemoration of Art Basel Miami, NFTs have established an altogether new economy for creators, allowing them to reclaim and reinterpret existing financial institutions; this event celebrates that new economy.


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