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Kula Festival Brings the Best of Global Cultures


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By IANSlife

January 07, 2022 (IANSlife) Mumbai's Nesco Exhibition Centre will host a platform to promote various cultures from January 13 through January 15, 2023. The city can anticipate experiencing the wonders of artists all under one roof thanks to the presentation of a global community of artists that represents the various modern art forms and traditional cultural practises such as tattoos, performing arts, music, graffiti, crafts, digital arts, and gaming.

KULA was founded as a forum to bring people with various viewpoints, ideas, and points of view together and to provide a setting for a civil and honest discussion among them. Along with advancing traditional and modern forms of art and culture, KULA works to advance understanding both within and outside the field of practise.


HIGHLIGHTS:  Festival on Tattoo, Graffiti, Music, Performing Arts, Handmade Crafts, and Digital Art


Kraayonz Tattoo - Sameer Patange an Indian tattooing aims to be if not the biggest, but at least a brand which practices the right and ethical ways in the world of Indian tattooing. We provide the highest degree of quality while keeping hygiene as one of our top priorities, to people with a passion to get inked.

Alien’s Tattoo - Sunny Bhanushali is globally renowned, and is said to be the best tattoo artist in India for his work on Photo-Realistic tattoos, Hyper-Realistic tattoos, and conceptual tattoos based on Hindu Mythology. He is not just the best tattoo artist in Mumbai, or the best tattoo artist in India. He is one of the best tattoo artists in the WORLD!


Kiss Nuka: A live-wire performer who conveys stories through soundscapes and magical visuals, Kiss Nuka, sculpts the beats and synths to flow from track to track.

Mangala Bai: Exploring cultural traditions through indigenous hand-poke styles. There are various types of godna practised in the central part of the country – birchha, poothi, tipka etc

Jason Dsouze: Mr. Piercer, J'son D'souza, has been a pioneer in the Professional Piercing realm in India with over 17 years of experience. He's the first Professional Piercer from India to pierce at European Conventions and been a mentor and educator across the globe.


India’s first all-female hip hop collective Wild wild women-featuring rappers, B-girls, graffiti artists and a produce.

Come join the tribe and let’s vibe together. 

Date: 13th to 15th January 2023 

Day: Thursday to Sunday

Venue - Hall No 5,  NESCO Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 


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